What Happens If The Fish Stops Swimming? Kids love fish as a pet. They sometimes encourage their moms to buy a Japanese Koi or a Clown Fish for them to take good care of. Their tails are so adorable as they swim and explore the entire aquarium. But, do you wonder what happens when they stop swimming? Some people may think that they are already dead or what, but the truth is that they are not dead. Just like humans, they also sleep and take some rest moving. So, tell your kiddos not to feel bad if they do not see them swimming because they are not dead, they are just resting for a while.

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How Does A Fish Swim?

Fish have fins and their tails that make them capable of swimming. However, having only fins and tails does not guarantee a fast-swimming capability for a fish. It is with the way they swim. Fish swims through moving the tail or caudal fin in a side to side motion. Each of these motion gives a lift and thrust, and it is also creating a drag when its fin is angled onto the side of its body, completing one stroke.

Is The Fish Dead When It Stopped Swimming?

Sharks fall under the category of fish, yes, and it dies when it would be unable to swim since sharks should swim to force the water to pass into their gills. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that all kinds of fish share the same concern. Average fishes, as you should know, are perfectly capable of breathing whether they are moving or even when at rest, for as long as the water to where they are staying is sufficiently oxygenated. Fish can stop swimming if they wanted to since they will still be alive even if they don’t swim. Fishes only need oxygenated water so that they will be able to breathe for them to survive.

Do Fish Drown?

Fish need oxygen to live the same as humans. If ever the water where the fish stays becomes destitute of oxygen, the fish would probably drown. The better word rather than drowning will be “suffocate.” Similar to humans being suffocated in a place with low oxygen, fishes in low oxygenated water will also be suffocated. Why does a fish need oxygen? It is because fish have organs such as hearts and brains that require oxygen for it to function, which is the same as with humans. The heart is responsible for pumping oxygenated blood all over the body of the fish. It brings oxygen to its brain. They also have livers and kidneys for breaking down fats and waste materials.

Signs Of Low Oxygen

When you have a fish as a pet, it will be normal for it to stay at an aquarium. Fish need a water environment with sufficient oxygen, so be sure to check it correctly for your fish to have a long life. It is a rare case for having low oxygen into the aquarium, but it is still necessary to be observant. You would not want to let your pet die without you knowing it. It will never alert you with whistles and some noises, so be a keen observer.

There is a sign to look out for if ever your aquarium is in case of having low oxygen. The sign would be when the fish inside the aquarium starts to behave differently. For example, when the fish begins to swim weirdly, when it starts to gasp at the surface of the water, or when it becomes less active and also when its gill movement is very fast. 

How To Keep Fish Healthy And Active?

Making the fish active and healthy is a must if you are keeping a fish as a pet. It is wonderful to have fish as a pet and most people may agree. Here are some tips to follow on how to keep fish healthy and active.

  1. First, the way they serenely swim in the water does not only give a calming effect and tranquility to you as you watch it, but it also makes them healthy.
  2. Second, even if it is necessary for you to provide them with a proper environment and to be a caretaker that is knowledgeable enough, it will be easy and less expensive to do so. Spend some efforts to give them the care that they need.
  3. Third, as compared with other possible pets, fish will never have destructive behavior or would not develop any separation anxiety even when you leave them at your home. As long as you give them the comfort that they need and moderate food, they will be kept healthy and active.

Keeping them healthy is not costly. Invest in a good aquarium, feed them moderately, and do not expose them to excessive sunlight. Now, isn’t it true that fish pets are great? Yes, they are awesome.


Fish are animals that live and breathe underwater. All kinds of fish have backbones, but they are categorized into three different groups: the bony, the jawless, and cartilaginous. Fish are known to be cold-blooded animals. Some fish are edible, and there are fish that you can consider to be your pet.

Fish are very discreet and adorable animals. It would never cost you a fortune when you choose fish to be your pet. Fish are capable of swimming because of their fins and tails. They swim with a side to side motion through the use of their tail.

When the fish stops swimming, it does not necessarily mean that it is dead. Fish are capable of breathing perfectly, either when they are in motion or even when at rest. Oxygenated water will keep them alive, so if ever the fish stays in low oxygenated water, they are at risk of being suffocated. Fish need oxygen to breathe because they have organs like heart and lungs that need oxygen to function. Fish and humans are the same with regards to these organs, which requires oxygen for it to work.