Where Can I Fish For Croaker?

An Atlantic Croaker is a popular ray-finned fish mostly found in the Gulf of Mexico and Massachusetts. It was named “croaker” because of the noise it projects due to its vibrating muscles attached to its swim bladder. The Atlantic Croaker is considered as the loudest in the drum family.

Where can I fish for croaker? The natural habitat of croakers is found in the native and coastal waters of the Atlantic Ocean, extending to Mexico or the Antilles, with the condition of having the right season and temperature.

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In here, you will learn about the places where you can fish for croakers. The baits you have to use for croakers and how you can catch them will be discussed too.

Where To Fish Croakers

As mentioned, croakers are famed in the regions of the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico. Mainly because these waters can produce more fish species than anywhere else in the world.

Atlantic Ocean

The Atlantic Croaker is a native in the western Atlantic ocean because of its wide range of salinity. Most of the croakers are found in the coastal oceanic waters and estuaries along the continental shelf.

The temperature is between 16 and 25°C, yet the spawning might be better with bottom temperatures because croakers go to school.

Gulf Of Mexico

One of the most beautiful waters in the world with the richest sea creatures is in the Gulf of Mexico. This place has been considered as a natural conservatory for more than 40 years.

Because of its clean waters and maintaining its high salinity, croakers loved to dwell in this place. The temperature of the Gulf of Mexico is also too comfortable for these fishes to live longer.

Best Atlantic Croaker Baits

Atlantic croakers are one of the most in-demand fishes that you could ever ask in South America. They can get caught with various baits depending on the location and situation.


Squid is the most common bait because they are generally inexpensive and can catch other kinds of fish. They can be bought in a grocery store, fish shops, or seafood markets.

Squids can be an excellent choice for beginners and an effective option to attract croakers. Anglers are mostly using squid during winter in mangrove areas.


Bloodworms are also excellent choices for catching croakers because their profuse bleeding can attract them. They usually have four sharp fangs, so it’s better to cut their mouth, so it would avoid biting croakers and you.

Bloodworms can be found in pigfish and sometimes mixed in the small sections of a top and bottom rig. However, buying a bloodworm can cost more than squid.

Fresh Shrimp And Shedder Crabs

Fresh Shrimp and peelers are one of the best baits that you can use in catching croakers. Although shedder crabs can attract croakers more, if you want something inexpensive, then fresh shrimp would be a better idea.

In the Southern States, fresh is more popular and easy to use. The smell of the fresh shrimp and shedder crabs can easily entice the croakers to fall into the bait.

Synthetic Baits

Using natural and synthetic baits is also quite effective, yet they have to be refrigerated or be put in storage. What’s also made them attractive to croakers are its bright colors and patterns, and it’s best to use them for casting, drift fishing, or jigging.

Synthetic baits can be less messy than real bloodworms, but their ability to catch depends on the water condition and season.

How To Fish Croakers

To get plenty of croakers, you need to learn the correct equipment. In an average croaker fishing, they can be caught near the beach throughout the summer up to early fall.

Get A License

It is an essential part when it comes to fishing. You cannot fish croakers or anything if you don’t have any fishing access or comply with any fishing license requirements and regulations.

To become an effective angler, you have to manage to get these things done before going to a real adventure. Anyone who doesn’t comply with the fishing requirements will be deemed illegal.

Use A Standard-Sized Rod And Reel

You have to use a standard light to medium rod and reel with a 1/0 hook and have an average weight, enough to sink at the bottom. You can use all the bait no more than 2 ounces to catch a larger number of fish.

As mentioned, croakers can be caught along the beach, and you need a towel or glove to handle their sharp gills.

Use The Right Bait

Croakers seem to be crucial when it comes to baits. The baits you have to use would depend upon the season. They will sometimes hit on synthetic baits with small spoons and bucktails.

Or you can also use the medium size of the stripped squid. Once you get into their school, it would be easy for you to fill the whole boat with croakers. By then, you must monitor the number of fishes you caught and should know when to stop.

Go The Right Place

Since croakers are commonly found along the beach, it wouldn’t be difficult for you to track them. Although they tend to be shorter than other fishes, the Atlantic Croaker can be expensive too.

First of all, they are only common to only specific areas, and second, the fish can be limited in number. The croaker can only be fed near the bottom of the seabed, so it’s better to use a bait that hits the bottom of the sea.


Although found uncommon by many, this can still be a delicious fish to eat. When catching them, all of you to do is to get the correct timing to everything.

Like any fishes, they can be pretty active during the summer and maybe hiding during the winter season. For effective baits, you can buy it in a coastal bait store, where you can ask the store personnel the best bait to use for the season.