What Is The Best Bait For Bass?

You can only enjoy fishing bass if you can get a great catch. Getting the right bait for fishing bass is an essential factor that can improve your fishing experience and the number of your catch.

Of course, you also need to incorporate effective tricks and tips to increase your catch.

What is the best bait for bass? The best bait for bass are Silanon bass jigs, Plusinno Spinnerbaits, SundayPro Topwater lures, wLure Minnow Crankbait, ProBite stick bait, and Zoom Bait Finesse Worm.

As promised, I will be mentioning some of the best baits for bass below. These are picked according to how effective they are and their ease of use.

Best Bait For Bass

To determine the best bait for bass, you must determine what food it loves to eat the most. Of course, the bait should capture the interest of the bass to make it bite.

Adult largemouth bass loves to feed on small fish such as sunfish, perch, and minnows. But, these fish also eat insects, crayfish, frogs, as well as aquatic birds.

On the other hand, bass that are under two inches are called fry that feeds on insect larvae and zooplankton.

But aside from live baits, there are also artificial baits that are best for catching bass. Here are among the best:

1.   Bass Jigs

The versatility of jigs allows it to be a top bait for bass. It can be utilized in areas that are difficult for other baits to get in.

Try asking any fisherman if what would be that one lure they could use all their lives. It could be a jig.

You can find different types of jigs that are designed for various techniques.

Among the most popular is the Googan Squad Lil Juicee Jig, which could cover most jig fishing methods. You can flip and pitch the bait with Lil Juicee Jig, work deep structure with it, skip, or swim with it.

2.   Spinnerbaits

This kind of bait attracts bass while covering a wide surface of the water. Among the reasons why it ranks at the top of other baits is because it is fairly weedless and very simple to use.

It is used by reeling the bait in a straight retrieve.

Beginners who use spinnerbaits are surprised by how effective it is in capturing a bass. It is especially that it has an unnatural looking action and odd appearance.

As its name suggests, a spinnerbait comes with one or several spinning blades that dangle from one end of a bent wire. The blade is designed to attract attention by sound and sight.

Aside from that, the blade’s vibration and flash are produced while it spins, drawing attention even from many yards away. The blades also provide bait resistance in the water.

You can choose from different styles of blades, depending on how much resistance you require.

3.   Topwater Lures

If you want to make the most out of your bass fishing, you should use topwater lures. What can compare to the enjoyment of seeing leaping bass out of the water in an effort to engulf their bait?

Topwater lures are effective and incredibly fun to use.

This kind of lure is intended to ripple the water’s surface, allowing them to cause splashing and popping sounds when the lure is retrieved.

No bass can resist the sound of topwater lures.

When fishing in low-light conditions such as in the late afternoon, late night, early in the morning, or on an overcast day, this bait is ideal.

You should also consider the wind when using topwater lures. It will be difficult for bass to see a topwater lure if there is some cop on the water, which happens when it is windy.

Also, consider choosing the right size and color to ensure a higher chance of getting a bite.

4.   Crankbaits

Crankbaits are also ideal for covering a wide surface of the water in a short period. It targets fish in open water as well as around deep cover. It is available in various weights, sizes, shapes, and running depths.

Before buying one, make sure to select one depending on the depth of water you are fishing.

Techniques of crankbait fishing only include casting and reeling in a straight retrieve. It is the reason why the diving depth of the crankbait plays an important role in triggering bits.

Aside from that, its color contributes to the attractiveness of the lure.

I am recommending the Googan Squad Recon crankbait because it never rusts and has amazing action. Its hook is also 125% sharper than a regular hook, making it easier to catch bass that naturally has strong jaws.

The Googan Squad Recon gets down to the intended diving depth quickly and starts banging against anything in its path.

5.   Stick Bait

The most popular bait for bass is none other than the classic stick bait. Among the most productive colors that you can find includes Cinnamon, Green Pumpkin, and Chartreuse.

You can place stick baits in any soft plastic rig.

I strongly recommend the Googan Lunker Log Stick Bait for you because of its high productivity. It rapidly draws the attention of fish even from afar, creating a strong feeding urge on them.

Aside from that, it has a ribbed design that lets you load up with your preferred scent, and it helps the bait to bob along in the water current to displace more water.

6.   Finesse Worm

If you don’t want to use live worm bait, Finesse Worm bait is your kind of lure. It has good water displacement, and it is designed for great action. It utilizes a salt mixture to make fish hold on for a longer time.

Aside from its taste, its appearance can also effectively attract bass.

You can use this bait when fishing with a drop shot, wacky style, texas rigged, or with a finesse head. It is also presented in different colors such as the Green Pumpkin, which is the most effective.

Tips For Fishing Bass

To ensure a great catch, make sure to take note of the following tips:

  • Red Fools The Fish – If you are fishing in water surfaces surrounded by a shallow cover, stumps, wood, or clumps of grass, use red or pink head spinnerbait to attract bass.

    You can also use crankbait with red hooks to do the trick. A bass will think that the bait is injured because of its red color, triggering it to bite at the lure.

  • Keep Your Hooks Sharp – Make sure that before fishing, your hooks are sharp. You can utilize a file to sharpen hooks, which may take about 30 seconds. The reason why you should do so is that bass has boney jaws that might resist the hook. If your hook is not sharp enough, you might lose a great catch.

  • Skip Your Bait – Another trick for a greater chance of catch is to skip your bait. When casting your bait, stop halfway, like doing a check swing in baseball. Doing so makes the lure hit the water surface a few feet before your main target.

    This will allow the lure to skitter over the water, which is a good technique to get under docks as well as other structures.

  • Face The Wind – Fish while facing the wind because bass always swims with the current. So, it will be faster and easier for them to find your bait before they find your boat. Aside from that, the noise of water slapping your boat will carry away from the area where you are fishing.

  • Choose Bait Depending On The Season – Since bass eats different prey according to the time of the year, you should also change your bait depending on the season. Bass eat crawfish early in the year, so when fishing, use peach-colored baits.

    When fall and summer, they like eating shad, so use silver or chrome baits.

  • Keep Tapping – Bass are considered as ornery fish, so you have to keep tapping at them to make them bite your hook. These fish often position themselves in cover, and they like it when presented with lures at different angles. Try tossing lures several times in a row in the same location to get a bite.

  • Fish Before The Storm – To get a great catch, try fishing before the storm and not after it. The reason is that before a storm, pressure makes bass active.


To conclude, no one enjoys fishing without actually having a catch. So, make sure to choose the right bait for bass if you are planning to go out and fish with your friends anytime soon.

Aside from the type of bait you are getting to capture bass, you should also choose the bait color that works best for the current season. The tips that I have mentioned earlier will allow you to have a great catch and enjoy fishing.