Do Fish Get Bored?

It is natural for novice fish owners to worry about keeping their fish in a saltwater or freshwater aquarium. It is a common thing to wonder about your fish’s mental state if it is happy stimulated or if it is bored in its new territory.

Do fish get bored? Yes, fish can get bored too. Boredom is natural in all living creatures, and fish also have emotions. You can see it when you try to fool them. But by doing so, you might cultivate their depression or inspire their curiosity.

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In this article, you will learn about the fish state of ming, whether they get bored or not, and how to cure or minimize their boredom.

The Science Behind Boredom

Boredom with fishes has been debatable ever since it was brought up to the table. But it is proven scientifically that if fish didn’t get enough specific social needs, it could result in abnormal behaviors. These social needs can vary depending on the type of species. Some fishes need to be around their species to avoid such aggression, while others need to be with different species.

For example, catfish travel naturally with a school of fish. They require active social life to behave normally while a betta fish should be put alone because there is a big chance that they will fight with other species.

How To Minimize Boredom

One thing to consider will probably be their aquarium. You might notice that you fish won’t swim around its tank often and only moves when spotted a food. It means that the aquarium itself may not be interesting enough for it to explore around.

Here are some of the ways to enhance the quality of your tank to make sure your fish is getting enough entertainment:

Ping Pong Balls

Do Fish Get Bored?

Yes, you read it right, ping pong balls are a big entertainment for fishes. It is a cheap and easy way to amuse them. Bettas particularly enjoy moving them around from time to time, but mostly fish will find it interesting and will get their curiosity. It stimulates their senses and a cool party trick not only for their owners but to the fish themselves.

Fish Decorations

Do Fish Get Bored?

There are many fish decorations available in the market today, but you can also make it your own. Using a PVC pipe from your local hardware store connected with some elbow joints can be interesting for your fish to explore. Covering it with rocks and other plants will give it more a natural look. But for something fancier, a lot of amazing designs and plant accessories can be found online.


Overall, it is important to be aware of your fish state of mind, observe their needs, and address its proper behavior. Make sure that there are enough items in your aquarium to intrigue them. You can always change the design and decorations now and then to make them curious and amaze. You’ll find out that they will be more lively than ever.