How To Keep Blue Heron From Eating Pond Fish?

Herons are beautiful, long-legged with long neck freshwater and coastal birds. They may be elegant looking and intelligent but they always look at your fish as a dessert.

Because they are intelligent birds, you will have to be resourceful and creative to keep them away from luring your fish.

Herons are rampant in North America and would migrate in the upper Midwest America and Canada over the summer, and winter over the winter season. Their body structure is strategized in an S-Shape when they dive into their prey.

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They are carnivores and most of them feed on live aquatic animals, like fish, crustaceans, and mollusks. Their usual hunting strategy is sitting motionless in shallow waters and wait until the prey comes to them.

They may be in either in an upright position or a crouch position. If they’ve seen their prey, they calculate the distance and position of the prey, and that’s where they start to spear their prey.

How To Protect Your Fish

Herons may be ninjas in disguise because you might never know when they are going to attack their prey, especially in the larger pond. So, the question is: how would you be able to stray them away from your fish and discourage them from making your fish as their meal.

Herons are territorial birds and they usually claimed the pond for themselves. If they’ve seen another heron guarding the pond, they would step back and look for another pond.

However, don’t use decoys during April and May because they may be looking for potential partners in this mating season.

Flambeau Outdoor 5960CD Decoy

This blue heron decoy is a full-body decoy that could perfectly help you in getting rid of other herons. They are made in the USA with a metal stake as their main material. The presence of this decoy will give you confidence that your pond is in safety.

Aquascape 81030 Blue Heron Bird Decoy

The Aquascape Blue Heron Decoy provides realistic heron decoys to protect your pond fish from being eaten by the real heron. Another live Heron-looking decoy is coming to your pond to trick other herons that they already own the pond.

This is hand-painted with non-fading paint in whatever type of weather. The Blue Heron Decoy is 30 inches tall and is easy to set up.

30” Blue Heron Decoy

Measuring 30 inches tall with a size of 22 x 10 x 33″. This product as a strong plastic construction and non-fading paints with long-lasting outdoor use. This would be a good replacement for pond netting.

This blue heron decoy can give you a 100% guarantee that it could protect your pond from other herons. Heron decoys can also be used as a hiding place for the fish.


Always be vigilant against those herons because they can always find a way to pursue their prey. Another effective way to get advanced of them is to startle them with a motion-activated scarecrow that spritzes them with water.

Herons are indeed intelligent but then, if you care enough about your pet fish, you have to be more creative to outsmart them.