Will Fish Stop Eating When They Are Full?

Most parents know how to feed their child and know their limitations when their child had enough and know when to stop. But this kind of interaction is different for aquatic animals, especially for fish. Many people are trying to figure out if fish know when they should stop eating, and the answer to it has some people baffled.

Will fish stop eating when they are full? The reality is that fish don’t know when to stop eating. It is most likely that they will continue regardless if they are full or not. It raised an issue because you need to be careful not to overfeed them.

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In this short read, you will get a better understanding of fish’s behavior when it comes to eating, and some signs showing they are full.

Do Fish Know When To Stop Eating?

Fish don’t know when to stop eating, and they will continue to eat whenever there is food near their surroundings. It is the same case even if there are not technically hungry. Fish-eating habits are different from humans, as they are known to be opportunists.

They will be most likely to eat whenever they spot food in their way. If they are in the ocean, they get a lot of food, so they continue to eat bit by bit. And if there’s nowhere else to find food, they can live for several days without food in their body.

It is the same principle if they are in your tank as they will eat up every food whenever you throw it inside your tank or pond. Most of the time, fish are not starving even if they seem so.

Signs When Your Fish Is Full

The problem with fish is that you can’t tell if they are hungry or not. They wouldn’t tell you either when to stop feeding, but there are certain gestures that you can check to see if they are full. Once spotted, you have to stop immediately to avoid overfeeding them.

Won’t Each Much When You Throw Food

If you throw in some flakes or a pellet one by one, notice your fish’s behavior. If they do not catch the pellet tight from you, it only means that they do not need more food. As soon as you see that they slow down and don’t come up eagerly when you handed them their food, they are full. 

Excitement Is Less When You Come Near

Your fish tend to get very excited if they noticed you are near the tank. It is a good indication that they are hungry and know you are about to feed them. But if they are full, they would typically swim slower even if you are coming towards them.


Overall, feeding your fish is a little tricky, especially if you are a beginner. It is because fish don’t know when to stop eating and might overfeed them without noticing it. Overfeeding can lead to serious health problems and can even lead to death. It is essential to know when they are hungry so that you can maintain their good health.