Steelhead Landing Nets

Fishing is more exciting when you are trying to catch a bigger game. And when a big game comes to mind, steelhead fish are among the big species you can find, which is commonly perceived as similar to salmon.

To ensure that a steelhead won’t get away, check out the best steelhead landing nets such as KastKing Fishing Net, Fiblink Folding Fishing Landing Net, Frabill Folding Landing Net, MelkTemn Foldable Landing Net, and Frabill Power Stow Net.

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Below are the best landing nets you can find and the qualities that you should look for when choosing the right one for you. Let’s get into it.

Steelhead Fish and Landing Nets

Steelhead is a fish species considered native rainbow trout or Oncorhynchus mykiss. They migrate to the ocean being juvenile fish, and when they become adults, they return to freshwater to spawn.

However, there is a hot debate between fishers that steelhead fish have a closer similarity to salmon.

As they put it, this fish species is a trout with a salmon-like behavior because the steelhead also returns to the freshwaters or rivers where they should spawn.

On the other hand, steelhead migrates in the ocean in anadromous form, changing color. They also grow much larger compared to the native rainbow trout.

And since they are relatively large fish species, you should bring along an appropriately sized landing net with a durable frame, mesh, and handle to prevent them from getting away.

Landing nets are not a substitute for fishing gear; and instead, they help secure a catch with their net mesh.

Factors to Consider

Before buying a landing net, you need to learn about the good qualities that a landing net must possess to bring you a good catch.

Aside from the manufacturer, below are some of the factors you should consider:


Landing nets are different in size. So, it would help if you chose to depend on how big the fish you want to catch is and its type.

Since you are looking for landing nets ideal for catching steelhead, we will focus on sturdy, metal-framed landing nets.

This type is large and robust enough to hold a big fish inside.

Handle Selection

When choosing the right landing net to catch steelhead, also make sure to find one with an appropriate handle. Here are some of the areas you should keep an eye on:

  • Material – The material used for the handle is among the most important things that you should check out. There are landing nets with wood and fiberglass composite handles as well as the durable anodized aluminum handles that you can choose from.

  • Fishing style – Another factor you should consider is your fishing style. You will need a shorter handle if you catch a fish beside the boat. On the other hand, a longer handle is ideal if you have to surface the fish and net away from the boat.

  • River or lake – If you are fishing in a lake or from a boat, consider buying landing nets with longer handles. But if you wish to fish in a stream or river, use landing nets with short handles.


In terms of design, landing net manufacturers can’t differentiate their product to set it apart from others.

So, always remember that even a tiny unique feature can contribute to the overall standing of the product you choose.

You can find landing nets with telescoping handles, collapsible nets, skid-resistant handles, and so much more.

Type of Mesh

The fish you want to capture is also your basis when choosing the right mesh type for your landing net. Here are some of the mesh variants you can choose from:

  • Knotless – This type of mesh is soft and lightweight on fish gills and scales. It is ideal for fishing trout and other stream or river fishing.

  • Rubber – It is the recommended mesh type for catch-and-release fishing. Rubber mesh is soft on fish gills and scales, and it doesn’t absorb the natural slime that fish secretes.

  • Nylon or coated nylon – If you are not concerned about hurting the fishing, this mesh type is your best option. Unlike other types, nylon is the easiest to maintain and is durable and lightweight.

  • Net shape – Aside from the net’s mesh, you should also consider its shape. Landing nets comes with different net shapes, and among the standard shapes are circular, oval, flat-bottom, and teardrop. For shallow water fishing, teardrop and circular shaped nets with a ten to twelve-inch diameter are most recommended. On the other hand, catch-and-release fishing requires flat-bottom nets for gentler fishing.

Types of Landing Net

  1. Fly fishing – Among the types of landing nets is fly fishing landing nets. It is designed to withstand long hours of dunking and wading while handling an unhappy fish inside. For catch-and-release fishers, they have to make sure that the net mesh they have in their landing nets is gentle to ensure no harm for the fish.

  2. Fixed frame – This type of landing net is available in different sizes and shapes. They are also bulkier than other types to provide a heavy-duty performance and catch a live steelhead effectively.

  3. Folding – Most landing nets today comes with a foldable handle and collapsible net. For those who want to travel with their landing nets, portability is their number one requirement. Choose a folding landing net if you wish to carry one along conveniently during your next fishing trip.

Top 5 Steelhead Landing Nets

Here are some of the products that meet the essential qualities of landing nets ideal for catching steelhead fish:

KastKing Fishing Net

This landing net from KastKing is made from industrial strength graphite, aluminum, and stainless steel. Despite its lightweight, this landing net is remarkably durable.

You can rely on its strength, especially when catching big-sized fish species such as steelhead.

Its retractable handle and flat bottom are its best features. The latter provides an excellent platform that will allow you to measure fish, particularly for catch-and-release fishing.

On the other hand, its retractable handle and foldable design let you easily store it away when you don’t plan to go fishing for a while.

Here are some of its advantageous features:

  • Lightweight – It weighs less than two pounds.

  • Durable – This landing net includes a handle that is made of aluminum and stainless steel.

  • Strong Net – Its net is made of industrial-grade graphite.

  • Versatile – You can choose from two different sizes for your unique fishing needs.

Fiblink Folding Fishing Landing Net

Collapsing landing nets like Fiblink are not only convenient but also functional.

This portable landing net will allow you to take it where you want to catch fish with a durable tool. It can be folded into 1/3 of its full size and allows you to carry it with a sling.

The mesh of this steelhead landing net is made of waterproof nylon and a non-hydrophilic coating. These components allow their mesh to prevent absorbing too much water.

Its mesh also features a small and robust structure ideal for catching small to enormous games.

Among the best features of this landing net for steelhead fish are as follows:

  • Waterproof and Durable – Its nylon mesh has a non-hydrophilic coating that prevents water absorption. It is also durable so you can catch different fish sizes using this landing net.

  • Ideal Handle Size – The size of its handle is 23 inches, which you can use to catch fish while on a boat.

  • Innovative Collapsible Design – Since it boasts a collapsible design, you can store it away and carry it around by folding it to only 1/3 of its size.

  • Versatile Loop Construction – Its small loop structure allows this landing net to catch small to large fish.

Frabill Folding Landing Net

If you wish to end up with a high-quality landing net, Frabill Folding Landing Net is your best option. It features a telescoping handle and folding net that allows convenient handling and storing.

Unlike other similar products with a folding net, Frabill’s net can fold in just one push of a button.

It has a fourteen-inch deep mesh flat at the bottom, so it won’t harm the fish during catch-and-release fishing.

Most people advertise it as an ideal landing net for kayak and canoe fishing, but you can use it for any fishing.

This landing net is ideal for catching relatively big-sized fish species such as steelhead, salmon, and others.

For those who want to know its advantages, here are some of the things that are worth noting:

  • Telescoping Handle – Its handle can extend from 20 to 40 inches in an effortless stretch.

  • Collapsible – In just one push of a button, its net can collapse for easy storage.

  • Durable and Lightweight – This landing net is ideal for steelhead fishing since it comes with a durable frame and handle that is made of aluminum.

  • Heavy Duty Mesh – The mesh of this fishing tool is made of a gentle and tangle-free black micro mesh net.

MelkTemn Foldable Landing Net

Most steelhead anglers are looking for the best value landing nets to meet the quality they need. If you are among those into steelhead fishing, MelkTemn Foldable Landing Net should be on your list.

The mesh of this landing net is fish-friendly, meaning it is an efficient tool for catch-and-release fishing.

But that does not mean that it can’t catch big fish like steelhead and salmon. Its mesh is made of waterproof nylon known for its heavy-duty performance.

Its extendable handle can also reach up to 39 inches long. With its industrial-grade aluminum frame, the wide mouth of this landing net can let a large steelhead enter, and you will never miss a catch again.

You can use it best when fishing in a lake, river, or open waters.

Check out the features of this landing net below:

  • Skid Resistant Handle – To prevent missing a huge catch, the handle of this landing net is design to be skid resistant.

  • Waterproof Mesh – This landing net integrates a waterproof nylon mesh to prevent it from becoming waterlogged.

  • Portable – With its collapsible design, you can easily carry this landing net wherever you will go. You can fold it from 39 inches to 16 1/2 inches.

  • Fish-Friendly Mesh – Its mesh has a flat bottom that makes it gentle for fish. Because of this feature, this landing net is ideal for catch-and-release fishing.

Frabill Power Stow Net

You need a big landing net with heavy-duty performance to catch a big game.

Frabill Power Stow Net provides a whopping 36- to 54-inch telescoping handle to allow farther reach and a knotless 36-inch durable net for ensuring a great catch.

Steelhead is a relatively large fish species that any ordinary landing net can handle. Because of this, you have to use a durable and high-performing fishing tool that can secure your vast game.

Good that Frabill comes with a heavy-duty aluminum handle that is also corrosion-free. You no longer need to worry if the fish fight back since your landing net has a sturdy handle to take care of it.

This landing net also features a knotless mesh to keep your fish alive and free of any possible injury. It is made of superior glass-filled nylon, ideal for saltwater fishing.


To summarize, the best way to get the excellent landing net for fishing steelhead is by looking at the product’s qualities that can help you secure a catch.

Since steelhead fish is a relatively large species, you should consider the landing nets with metal frames to ensure durability and solid net mesh to secure the fish inside.