Do Fish Like Being in Tanks?

According to the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), fish are smart and sensitive animals. They need physical and mental stimulation, both from others of their kind and from their environment.

So do fish like being in tanks? We can’t say for sure due to communication barriers. But when fish in tanks like their environment, they swim actively, appear healthy and breathe regularly.

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Read on and find out how to ensure prime conditions in fish tanks. You may or may not have second thoughts about keeping fish in an aquarium. 

Proper Setup

There are three primary considerations when ensuring the right conditions for a fish tank. First, it should be set up appropriately according to the needs of the fish species that will live in it. 

Your first task is to determine whether the fish will be of the freshwater or the saltwater type, followed by putting the right water into the tank.

You should then research the specific needs and wants of the fish you’re planning to place in a tank. These should include their behaviors when contented and stressed, when in predatory and submissive mode, and when inbreeding.

The more you know about their preferred environment, the more you can meet their needs. 

For example, small shrimp goby need a small tank with a sandy bottom, perhaps with an Alpheus bellulus shrimp. Without a sandy bottom and a companion, the goby will become stressed.  Try the Fluval 10531A1 SEA EVO XII Aquarium Kit for starters. 

Proper Stocking

Second, the tank should be properly stocked with the right fish species and the right quantity. There are hazards when competitive fish or prey-and-predator fish are placed in a single aquarium, as well as when the tank is overcrowded.

You should research the types of fish that can live well with each other. 

Many freshwater tropical fish can live peacefully with each other, thus, they are known as peaceful fish. These include Danios, swordtails, guppies, mollies, and tetras.

Be careful about placing a male and female fish of the same species in the same tank, too. They will breed and you may end up with an overcrowded tank.

Proper Maintenance

Even with the proper tank setup, you should be able to maintain these optimal conditions for the fish to thrive. Keep in mind that even a single factor out of whack can cause the fish to die.

Examples include poor water quality causing stress, insufficient food resulting in health issues, and incorrect water temperature resulting in oxygen deprivation. 

If you aren’t prepared for the maintenance tasks, then you shouldn’t have a fish tank in the first place! You have to change the water, feed the fish and check the water conditions, among others, which take time.


Fish also like being in tanks! The trick here is to ensure that their watery environment has all the right conditions that will make them live and thrive. Now, that’s your job as their human keeper.