How Often To Feed Fish? If you plan to take care of a fish, you need to know the things they need and how to nourish them properly. Most fish owners tend to overfeed their pets because they are unaware of how often and how much food to give.

Aside from that, putting too much fish food in fish aquariums can clog the filter that breaks down into toxins if not prevented. These can be harmful to your pet.

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Appropriate Daily Number Of Fish Feeding

The number of times you feed your fish depends on the type of fish you’ve got. Most kinds of fish are usually fed one time every day.

Many people, however, recommend feeding their fish twice daily. Small fish may need to feed three times a day or more. Despite the number of feedings, your goal is to reduce the portion of the fish food.

Usually, a fish can live for only two meals daily. The schedule of doing so is simple, except for nocturnal feeders.

For those who have nocturnal fish such as catfish, make sure to feed them right before switching off the lights at night. Nocturnal fish will hunt food in the dark with the use of their sensitive smell to find it.

However, there are some exceptions to the rule. Herbivores or vegetarian fish such as Farowellas, Silver Dollars, and Mollies need to consume food frequently. It is because of they tinier stomachs that can hold only a small portion of food.

In the wild, this kind of fish would look for plants all day. For this reason, they should have access to small portions of fish food several times daily.

Another option is to place live plants inside their aquarium that they can nibble on. Here are some of the best live plants in the market that you can choose from:

Mainam Live Aquarium Plants

For beginners, this package starter beginner set from Mainam is the best. It arrives with more than thirty stems, such as Java Fern, Java Moss, Rosette Amazon Sword, and Micro Sword.

Florida 10 Species Live Aquarium Plants

Florida also offers these ten species of live aquarium plants in bunches. All of as ranging from six to twelve inches in height except for Lobelia Cardinalis that is only three inches.

Planterest Live Aquarium Plants

Planterest has been providing live aquarium plants for thirty years. For this reason, they can deliver these high-quality Alternanthera Reineckii Rosanervig Red Vitro Cup live aquarium plants right at your door.


To conclude, you will not notice the effect of overfeeding your fish at first. However, other health concerns show because of overfeeding. Some fish species develop fatty liver or stress the fish.

Nitrate, ammonia, and nitrite will also come out from the uneaten fish food, which is dangerous to fish. To prevent this from happening, utilize a net or siphon to remove the remains of uneaten fish food inside the tank right away.

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