Fish Breeding System

Breeding is arguably the most exciting and rewarding aspect of keeping fish as pets. But it’s also among the most challenging because nearly every species of fish has its own set of specific conditions for breeding.

For this reason, reading Matthew L. Wittenrich The Complete Illustrated Breeder’s Guide to Marine Aquarium Fishes Hardcover is highly recommended. Hence, there are fewer mistakes to make.

With that being said, here comes the best live-bearing and egg-laying fish that are the easiest to breed for beginners – with essential knowledge and supplies, such as the Penn Plax Fish Breeding Grass and the Petzilla Aquarium Fish Breeder Box for Baby Fish Hatchery.

Live-Bearing Fish

When it comes to ease of breeding, live-breeding fish are the best! It is because they can breed like rabbits with little care and human intervention.


There’s a saying that to breed guppies, you add water – and it’s true! Guppies are the easiest tropical fish to breed.

Their breeding needs are few, including moderately clean water and the presence of male and female fish. Their fry is also more likely to survive because they are born fully formed.

But be careful about breeding guppies because they can quickly overrun a tank within a few generations.

Red Platy

With their bold red coloration, peaceful nature, and small size, red platies are popular species for breeding. Since they are also omnivorous by nature and bear live young, they can breed alongside other live-bearing fish.

There are also several fin and color variations to choose from. 

Marigold Wag Swordtail

A species of swordtail, the marigold wag swordtail, is an exciting fish, thanks to its bright orange coloration. They are also a peaceful lot that can live well with other species. And they are easy to feed with a wide variety of food, such as live food, algae, and commercial pellets.

Black Sailfin Molly

The black sailfin molly requires a large tank due to its large size – an adult can be as long as 6.5 inches. Be sure that the water hardness is from 10 to 25 dKH, and there’s a slight saltiness (add one teaspoon of salt per gallon of water).

Egg-Laying Fish

While egg-laying fish can be bred by beginners, they present more challenges because of their nature. Other fish can eat Their eggs in the tank, and even the parents can eat their eggs if the eggs are disturbed, among other challenges. 


There are more than 1,300 species under the cichlids family, of which many are popular aquarium fish. The best for breeding purposes are:

  • Dwarf cichlids since only a few males are required even when there are more females in the tank.
  • Convict cichlids care for their fry. Even zealously guard them, so they have a higher chance of survival.
  • Firemouth cichlids also care for their young as much as the convict cichlids, but they are less aggressive to other fish that lives in the tank. 
  • Kribensis cichlids should be breed only in a specific breeding tank because of their high aggressiveness when guarding their fry.


Breeding is an effective method of increasing the population in your aquarium or populating other aquariums, perhaps even selling the excess fish to hobbyists and pet shops. Just know its basics first since it will be a waste of fish if they die too soon.