Seagulls Eating Pond Fish

Maintaining fish in a healthy habitat is not an easy task. The fish need to be kept in a safe place or pond and away from birds. Birds like seagulls and herons can easily target fish ponds.

It becomes one of the problems by fish pond owners because of the rapid increase of bird population affects the growth of fish.

These birds do not only eat fish but also transmit bacteria which causes the fish to be infected by diseases.

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Ways To Stop Seagulls Eating Pond Fish

Seagulls are one of the predators that spread diseases to fish ponds because they are usually in garbage dump sites and beaches.

Below are some of the traditional ways are used on how to stop these seagulls from eating pond fish:

Pond Covering/Netting

It is among the best and easiest ways to keep seagulls from eating fish in the pond.

Excellent quality of net serves as a barrier between the pond and fish. Putting nets in ponds can distract the predators from the beauty of the pond.

Nets can also help from keeping the pond clean because it catches leaves and other dirt.

Plant As Covers

With the use of floating plants like water lilies, it will cover and protect the top part of the pond, and it can hide the fish from seagulls.


Dogs can be the best deterrent to seagulls and other predators.

They would chase seagulls and other birds by barking. Noise from barking may be the best way to frighten predators.

Fish Cave

By building fish caves in the pond, it will allow the fish to hide when seagulls and other predators are threatening them.

Fish caves are better when it has 2 to 3 inches deep from the bottom of the pond.


These are also used in farmlands to avoid birds from eating rice grains.

But to effectively prevent seagulls from eating pond fish, this scarecrow must have water sprayers that release water when a seagull or any motion of predator is being detected.

Replica Statues

To prevent seagulls from eating pond fish, it is better to put fake statues of a larger predator like snakes and alligators.

It will frighten the seagulls from going near the pond.

Larger Structures

Constructing a small house or hall around the pond might help deter seagulls and other predators.

However, this method or way of stopping seagulls from eating pond fish might be expensive, but it does work.

Bird Repellent

There are several repellents that are available in the market to prevent predators from eating fish.

Some repellents have scents like the urine of another predator which can deter seagulls.


Keeping seagulls and other predators may be difficult. Fish are the usual target of seagulls and other birds because it is one of their primary foods.

Some experts recommend that it is better to use varied methods of avoiding predators from eating pond fish or any customized ways might work.

These ways of avoiding predators will prolong the life of fish, and it will maintain the happy and healthy habitat of fish.