Fishing Gear

Most people opt for freebies because these will allow them to save money on useful things. And free fishing gear isn’t an exception! Both recreational and competitive anglers will want to get their hands on these items, especially if these are high-quality products that come with relatively high prices.

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The good news is that there are numerous ways of getting free fishing gear from Amazon. These are all available on the platform, from the fishing rod and reel combos to fishing books and apps.

Be A Valued Customer

Freebies are usually given to valued customers and target consumers that companies have identified through market research, among other targeting methods. These freebies are provided as a reward for loyalty. As well as to encourage more purchases and to introduce new products.

Indeed, even a single purchase of an item can mean being added to a list of customers eligible for freebies and other promotions. It usually also applies to subscriptions to newsletters and email lists, which companies use as marketing tools.

You should also sign up for loyalty programs or rewards programs offered by your favorite fishing gear brands. With every purchase you make, you can accumulate points that can be used in getting freebies, perhaps a new fishing line or tackle.

If you often use credit cards when purchasing items, you should cash in on its rewards; ask your credit card company about its mechanics. You can redeem points that can be converted into cash that, in turn, can be used in purchasing yet another fishing-related item.

Watch Specific YouTube Videos

Numerous manufacturers and sellers of fishing gear use YouTube to reach out to their target consumers, both existing and prospective customers. It’s a simple idea.

You, the consumer, have to watch fishing-related videos in their entirety so that you can get instructions on claiming the freebies or joining the contests where prizes are at stake.

The videos can also introduce new products, such as a new rod-and-reel combo or a new line. There may also be instructions about sharing the videos or uploading your video while using the promoted products or recommending them to your friends.

For your time investment, you can get freebies to add to your fishing gear collection!

Post Your Vine Reviews has a program that gives customers freebies, from fishing gear to e-books and apps, in return for honest reviews.

Known as Amazon Vine Voices, it’s an invitation-only program where Amazon users who have a reputation for honest, thorough, and reliable reviews can be invited. The rewards include products that haven’t been released to the general public, too.

Once you’re chosen for Vines Voices, you will be provided with new and pre-release products for free by Amazon. Keep in mind that your product reviews should provide direct, useful, and informative guidance; there’s no pressure to write positive reviews for all products.

Your reviews can neither be changed by Amazon nor accessed by the manufacturers/sellers of the products.

Keep in mind that Amazon has strict posting guidelines, and violation of these guidelines can mean removal from the program.

Amazon doesn’t deem it acceptable for reviewers to provide misleading content or promotional reviews paid for by the sellers. If you find a pair of overalls inferior, state your reasons why since it strengthens your reputation as a reliable reviewer.

Be A Professional Reviewer

Do you have a YouTube channel, a vlog or a blog, or a strong social media presence with thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of followers? If you have one or two of these things, you should consider becoming a professional reviewer of fishing products!

This is a different method of getting free fishing gear from being on the Amazon Vine Voices program. You have greater control over your reviews and the manufacturers/sellers and products featured on your social media channels.

Depending on your strategy, you can approach the manufacturers and sellers of fishing products, offer your promotional services, and get their products free. These should get positive reviews.

You may also be contacted by these entities and offered their products for review purposes; this is typically the case for so-called social media influencers.

Sign Up for Sample Boxes has a sample box program, too, wherein members will get free samples of whatever product category they signed up for. The sample boxes can contain new products, pre-release items, and product samples, all for free.

If you’re an existing Amazon Prime member, you can buy selected sample boxes, say, fishing gear. You will get a reimbursement for the cost of these sample boxes via Amazon credit. You can get free samples nearly year-round since Amazon regularly updates its samples, too.

Get Free E-books And Apps For Fishing

Again, is a treasure trove of free items that require nearly nothing of individuals other than taking advantage of them! Just type into the search bar the relevant keywords, such as “free fishing e-books and apps,” and choose from several items.

We found titles like Greg Vinall’s Wooden Lure Making 101: Make Your First Handmade Lures Deadly Effective! And Ben Rieger’s A Walleye Fishing Cheat Sheet For Lakes & Rivers.

Amazon has numerous free fishing apps, too! Check out the i-Boating: GPS Nautical / Marine Charts app, which provides nautical charts and navigation maps useful in fishing, sailing, and boating.

Sign up for the Amazon Prime Student Program

If you have a valid student email address, you should consider signing for the Amazon Prime Student six-month free trial period. There’s no need to deal with promo codes and coupons, too.

At the same time, its perks include exclusive college discounts, free shipping, and access to free shows, many of which pertain to fishing and angling.

Other methods of getting free fishing gear include:

  1. Participating in online surveys and sweepstakes
  2. Buying during holiday sales, such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday when sellers offer freebies to attract more customers


Free fishing gear makes fishing more enjoyable in many ways! You not only get useful tools and supplies, as well as helpful knowledge from the e-books, but you also get the satisfaction of not paying a cent for them. There’s something so satisfying about getting more than what you should have in the first place.