Betta Fish

Betta fish, as a pet, requires proper care to keep them healthy and happy. They need clean water and a fish tank with enough size that will allow them to live like how they do in the wild. But like all animals, Betta fish have a limited lifespan.

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The Life-span Of Male And Female Betta Fish

Usually, pet shops sold male Betta fish when they are about one year old. The reason is that male Bettas show their beautiful fins and colors at such an age.

On the other hand, female Betta fish are sold a little earlier. Pet shops usually sell female Bettas when they are around six months old, and they live longer than males do. But nowadays, most pet shops sell male Betta fish more because of their appealing colors.

When you buy a six to one-year-old Betta fish, you can only expect them to live for around two or two years and a half years. On the other hand, allowing them to live in a fish tank with perfect conditions and taking care of them properly can enable them to live for about four to five years.

Buying A Healthy Betta

Aside from providing a healthy environment for Betta fish, obtaining a healthy Betta also ensures that it lives longer. Here are some of the tips you can jot down to have a fish tank full of healthy Bettas:

Buy Betta fish only in a reputable pet store. Don’t buy the ones with pale color, bulging eyes, torn or ripped fins, and Betta fish with scratches or injuries in the body.

Choose the ones that respond right away when you touch the tank with your hands, have a clear yes, and boast a body with bright colors, most notably for male Bettas.

Ways To Help Them Live Longer

As mentioned earlier, the size of the fish tank where they live affects Betta fish’s lifespan. Knowing this, acquire a fish tank with enough size to accommodate the number of fish you want to take care of.

If the Betta fish are sold inside a container, replace it with a bigger tank. It is because those are not the ideal environment for them. After buying Betta fish, acquire a fish tank of the right size, then transfer the Betta fish right away.

Allowing them to live in tightly spaced containers might lead to their early death. Betta fish needs a tank with a minimum of five gallons of clean water. If they are sold in a fishbowl, replace it with a bigger tank right away.


To summarize, Betta fish only live for only a few years. But you can prolong their life if you take care of them properly and provide them with a healthy abode.

A fish tank with clean water and the right size prevents Betta fish from being stressed and suffocated due to lack of space. Just like humans and other animals, Betta fish needs a place where they can enjoy themselves and enough space where they can play and swim as much as they want.

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