Virginia Beach Fish

Many people think of Virginia Beach as a perfect place if you admire the sand, sun, sea, and surfing.

They are considered a Resort City and one of the East Coast’s top vacation spots, with 20 million people visiting every year. It is not surprising that there are also people who go there for their fishing hobbies.

What fish are biting in Virginia Beach? There are plenty of fish biting in Virginia Beach. For instance, they have the Striped Bass, Flounder, Cobia, Croaker, and Red Drum.

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In this short read, you will know what fishers are present in Virginia Beach and learn more about the top of the best fish in this area. 

Striped Bass

Striped Bass is probably the star of the show when it comes to fishing in Virginia Beach. They are the most species from the south, big Rockfish that come out of the Chesapeake Bay and line the coast.

What makes this bass the superstar of this beach is that they are real trophies that can weigh 40 to 50 pounds. They are enough to warm you up during cold winter mornings.

The only issue with the Striped Bass is they were overfished over the years. Good thing that you can still catch them; you only need to release the big ones. It is good enough to protect these awesome creatures.


Cobia is one of the famous fish that is locked into the Virginia Beach Calendar. They were the big opener when June arrived. You can see many people going into their boat or kaya and trying to find some of these amazing species.

These species can pull you out of the boat if you are not careful. Cobia goes hand in hand with a less exciting catch, which is the rays.

If you hook a ray, it is most likely that there will be a Cobia with it. It is because they hide in the ray’s shadow to sneak up on their prey.


Flounder is the best species for doing a family fishing activity. They put up a fun fight but are pretty much easy to chat about. They can go big but not too much to handle, and they are delicious.

They are considered to be the most popular inshore targets in all of Virginia Beach. The most common Flounder species is commonly known as fluke. These guys can reach up to 5 pounds, and it is more than enough for a fish feast.


Overall, there are plenty of other fishes you can catch in Virginia Beach. There are the most popular ones and the group of species that are pretty easy to catch. Virginia Beach s one of those popular vacation spots that lived up to its reputation.

It is an ideal place to unwind and enjoy the scenery but, at the same time, make sure you have enough place to explore your hobby like fishing.