Types Of Fishing Rod Holders

The fishing rod holder is one of the most overlooked tools in fishing, but what people might have missed out is that fishing rod holders create better control of the placement of their lures, and rod.

Freshwater Fishing Rod HolderFiberglass or Nylon: The Most Budget Friendly
Saltwater Fishing Rod HolderStainless Steel, Chrome Base or Aluminum Zinc: Anti-Corrosion
Clamp-On MountsThe Most Reliable and Versatile: For Jon Boats and Canoes
Deck MountsThe Most Convenient: Requires Drilling But Removable
Track MountedModern Kayaks Required: Can Slide Back and Forth
Flush SwivelFixed To The Boat: Strong and Made For Bigger Fish

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This would even make their fishing experience even more successful. The only dilemma you’ll encounter about this matter is selecting the right style of the rod holder. If you wanted to fish from a small boat or canoe, then having two-rod holders on the gunwale will improve the lines in the water.

The Importance Of The Fishing Rod Holders

Types Of Fishing Rod Holders

The rod holder is essential in trolling and not just to give your hand a break. The holder will be the one responsible for holding the rod in place while you were operating the boat and checking some essentials, like the electronics. The holder will also keep you from getting exhausted holding your rod for hours. To increase your luck in catching a fish, you might need more than one rod so the lines won’t intertwine with one another.

Types Of Fishing Rod Holders

Freshwater Fishing Rod Holder

Types Of Fishing Rod Holders

This kind of fishing rod holder is made out of fiberglass or nylon. This holder is the most budget-friendly option that is resistant to corrosion. Take note that this holder is not made of metal so its ability to hold is not as strong as the metal ones.

Saltwater Fishing Rod Holder

Types Of Fishing Rod Holders

Venturing out into the saltwater, it’s best to use holders made of stainless steel, chrome base, and aluminum zinc because they’re stronger and can carry large bass. Stainless Steel and chrome base are known as an anti-corrosion element, unlike any other metal materials.

Clamp-On Mounts

Types Of Fishing Rod Holders

For Jon Boats and Canoes, this type of fishing rod holder is the most reliable and versatile to permanently install your mount. You can clamp the mount in whatever position and wherever in the boat. They can also be positioned virtually to accommodate and adjust to a variety of fishing types, like trolling and side-pulling for crappies.

Deck Mounts

Types Of Fishing Rod Holders

The most convenient fishing rod holder is the Deck Mounted, which only needed a few holes for drilling, to where you’d like to put the holder. If you wanted to keep a cleaner deck, then deck-mounted might be the solution because it is removable when not needed. This will reduce the chances or eliminate the on-deck obstruction.

Track Mounted

Modern kayaks require a T-track integrated into the hull and this track-mounted fishing rod holder is effective in mounting GPS, anchors, GPS, and other fishing essentials. What’s best about this holder is that it can slide back and forth to place the rod in the right amount of distance while you’re busy paddling and trolling.

Flush Swivel

This kind of fishing rod holder is best situated into an existing holder so the rod will be kept vertically or at least at a 30-degree angle. This is the best selection when you’re out for a bigger catch without breaking the fishing line, yet the rod holder is standing still.

Recommended Fishing Rod Holder Products

HOFFEN 8″ Fishing Rod Holder

This is made of 100% brand new and high-quality stainless steel, with a size of about 8 inches. It has a Gimbal pin rod stopper and solid construction features to avoid unwanted objects. It is also rolled from top to bottom. A lot of product users have testified over the comment section that this rod holder is very flexible and seemed to be the best deal price.

HOFFEN Fishing Rod Holder Outrigger Mount

Coming from a competent company that produces the best fishing gear, Hoffen has innovative designs and versatile options to make sure you are getting what you’re paying for. This product uses high-quality marine grade304 stainless steel material, and highly mirror-polished, which is perfectly looking for your boat. The tube length is about 19.5 inches while the rod holder length is about 11.5 inches. It is sleekly designed to be durable even during harsh water conditions.

East Kay Outrigger Mount Fishing Rod Holder

East Kay is another brand that’s performing well in the industry of fishing gears. This product is also made of high-quality and safety-ensured stainless steel and is mirror-polished. The length of the nylon rod safety strap is about 24 inches while the OD gunnel rod holder mount tube is about 14 inches tall. This rod holder has a 20-degree angle from the water.

Yae Marine Trident Outrigger Stylish Rod Holder

Another premiere product is the Yae Marine Trident Outrigger Stylish Rod Holder, which has a vinyl liner that has a length of 1-5/8 inches. This one is suitable to use as a kite fishing station for extra rod and it can hold two different positions. The rod holder is adjustable and flexible to functionality. It also has a mirror-polished feature made of high-quality stainless steel construction. One of the main features of this holder is it increases the trolling spread and it has extra storage for rods.

How To Make Fishing Rod Holder For A Boat

Paint the PVC pieces and let them dry and adjust the top of the PVC to match on the non-pointed side of the angle.

Without damaging the PVC, you can use the mallet. Drill a hole at the PVC’s end that will act as a guide and finally, put four carriage bolts through the angle so it would reduce the risk of damaging your rod.


A fishing rod holder can be enjoyable to use, and most importantly, to give you convenience while multitasking. This would only take little creativity and vision to create a DIY rod holder. DIY holders can give you the freedom and comfort of how you want it to customize.