Here is a guide on how to get rid of the fish smell before and after cooking. Read on for more details! Fish is delicious to eat, but its smell lingers throughout the kitchen, even after cooking. Buying fresh ones may avoid foul-smelling indoors.

However, even the freshest fish can produce a bit of a foul smell. None of us will like the smell, so there are solutions to get rid of it.

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12 Ways of Getting Rid of Fishy Smell

Here are a few things you might add to your list in eliminating the fishy smell at home:

Cooking Techniques 

Fish smell greatly depends on the cooking method you use. Perhaps it is time to change the way of how you cook fish.

Some cook fish in foil or paper, which helps to minimize the odor problem. Others soak the fresh fish in a mixture, such as dust, corn starch, salt, and powdered turmeric.

Rinse the fish for half an hour before cooking. The mixture will not affect the taste of your dishes, as turmeric is a natural remedy to fishiness.

Clean The Fish

There is no other easiest way to get rid of fish smell than cleaning it properly. Remove the organs, fins, and other non-consumable parts of the fish.

Some fishes have tendons that produce a fishy odor that must be removed. In this way, the fishy smell will be reduced while preparing the dish.

Soak The Fish With Milk

Milk contains a substance called trimethylamine oxide, which can fight against fishy odor. It could be the simplest way among the list as you only need to soak the fish in milk and rinse off right after.

The milk will absorb the fishiness from the fish and makes it milder. Raw goat milk is recommended for use.

Use A Couple Of Potatoes

Check out the bowls or any other fish containers, whether it smells fishy before the next use. If so, cut a potato in half and put a pinch of table salt on it.

Put the potatoes in the container for up to two hours and keep them covered. Wash the container thoroughly later on. Potatoes help to remove the stinky smell.

Another way is brewing tea in a container for 15-minutes to remove the foul smell.

Use Ginger In Cooking Fish

Ginger is a natural home remedy in eliminating fishy odor. It is used before cooking fish and other seafood. Ginger can remove fish toxins while enhancing its taste. It is easy to apply by simply crushing it into smaller pieces and rub all over the fish. Leave it for half an hour before cooking.

Rub Sugar On The Fish

Sugar is an effective alternative way of removing the fishy smell other than salt. Take some amount of sugar and then rub over the fish for up to 5-minutes. Wash it with clean water to entirely remove the fishy odor with ease. Do the process before cooking.

Open The Kitchen Doors And Windows

This way helps to ventilate the kitchen even more. It prevents the fishy smell from going through the other parts of the house. Shut any other inside doors not to spread out a bad smell.

Do not forget to wipe any spills and toss them in every corner of the kitchen. You may cook some cookies to cover up the fishy odor produced earlier.

Rub The Chopping Wood With Baking Powder

The chopping board is a tool used in preparing a dish. We often cut fish into pieces using a chopping board, which leaves a stinky smell. Many materials can help you in cleaning the board. You can rub a wet baking powder on the surface of the chopping board or sprinkle salt over it.

Wipe Down Kitchen Utensils With A Mixture Of Lemon And Water

Lemon helps to freshen up utensils and other cooking materials affected by fishy odor. Mix lemon extract with water and store it in a sealed bottle for future uses. Spray a mixture on the utensils and wipe with a clean rag. The fish smell will disappear right after, so ready for the next cooking show.

Rinse Your Hands

The stinky smell comes from the fish and is left on your hands after cleaning the fish. There are many materials used in the washing of foul-smelling hands. You can cut lemons and get their juice, then soak your hands into it.

Other substances are white vinegar or steel soap bars. Rub the latter on your skin for 30-seconds to get rid of the fishy smell and even onions and garlic smell. Make sure your skin has no cuts or bruises, for it will feel itchy.

Add Peanut Butter

It might be a new technique to some fish cookers out there, but it works well in getting rid of fishy smell. Grab a peanut butter at the store. Any brand will work. Consider preparing peanut butter before cooking fishes.

Put some to the cooking pan as it can absorb the fish smell, they said. It adds flavor to the dish, which is a good deal for most cooks.

Marinate The Fish

If your goal is to eliminate fish smell and develop a better-tasting dish, go with this final solution. Collect ingredients with strong scents to overpower a fishy smell, such as cilantro or curry. This process is applicable for cooking delicious fish dishes, unlike the prior solutions use before and after cooking.

Final Words

To summarize, there are several techniques on how to eliminate fish smell at home. No need to spend extra; seek immediate remedies under the roof. Most of the said solutions are accessible indoors.

The methods above depend on the preparation stage, whether before, after, or while cooking a fish dish. Keeping the kitchen free of fishy odor is necessary to enjoy cooking your favorite meal. Make sure to protect the other home spots from having a foul smell.