Your 5-Gallon Tank

A 5-gallon fish tank can be a great start to decorate a living room to show a miniature view of the underwater world. For a 5-gallon tank, a simple rule may be applied that one inch of fish can be fitted in 1 gallon.

But environmentally-wise, a 5-gallon tank may be too little for 6 goldfish, and it can easily be intoxicated once it is filled with more fish, plants, and other aquatic decoration. 

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Best 5-gallon Tank

Choosing the best aquatic space for your fish may be quite challenging as it may be too little for the fish, and they might get suffocated with the little environment they have.

However, controlling their population would do the trick. For now, all you have to do is to list down all the possible aquariums that can be best fitted to your home, and then you proceed to its decoration.

5-Gallon Glass LED Aquarium Kit By MarineLand

The MarineLand has always been a reliable source of aquariums since it creates a fun piece of art in your home.

This aquarium has an advanced 3-stage filtration hidden at the back panel with an adjustable flow filter pump. There’s a blue LED that could make a moonlight effect and glow to stir up the fish’s mood.

To complete the aquarium, you might want to add some essentials like the Tetra HT Submersible Heater installed on the aquarium in any position that comes with an electronic thermostat.

Another essential is the Marineland Replacement Filter Cartridges, which can be used one at a time every 2-4 weeks. It features a Black Diamond Activated Carbon, a chemical filtration that helps filter waste particles and debris.

Aqueon LED MiniBow Aquarium

For most people, the best fish that they could fit in a 5-gallon tank is the Betta because they are simply the most lovable community fish that you may have. Luckily, Aqueon LED MiniBow Aquarium is a perfect habitat for these fish.

The contemporary yet simplistic design is what Aqueon has to offer. It has an elevated base that would look great in your home.

It has a low profile LED energy and Aqueon Quietflow filtration for water care management. It also includes a manual where it could walk you through how to set up an aquarium.

Koller Products AquaView

Owning a fun-filled aquarium can be enjoyable in the eyes of the children. As an owner, seeing people enjoying the aquatic view seems to be an inner achievement as well.

If you are looking for a unique view and maybe the perfect aquarium for kids, then Koller Products AquaView might be the right choice for you. It has an energy-saving LED lighting with 7 dashing color selections to add a stylish effect on the aquarium.

It’s also packaged with an internal power filter that can purify aquarium and organic pollutants. This product is also made of crystal clear and leak-proof plastic.

Best Fish To Keep In A 5-gallon Aquarium

There were many community fish that can get along well in an aquarium, even in aggressive situations. For territorial fishes like fighting fish, they can be ferocious and temperance.

That’s why it is never advisable to keep them in an aquarium with other fish species. In keeping fish, you have to be aware of the best fish combination to be kept in an aquarium.

Betta Fish

Betta Fish are pure joy in anyone’s aquarium because of their vibrant colors. If unhappy, Betta would mostly attack fish species if placed in the same tank because aggression is one of the Betta’s personalities.

If they get stressed out, you might have to open the lid of her tank and adjust the water temperature level and clean the tank.

Although they are bought in plastics, they will show signs of happiness once they are in a larger environment.

White Cloud Mountain Minnow

These minnows can be the most colorful kind of minnows, and they live mostly in freshwater. This fish can be a good fish for new aquarists as they tend to adjust to any water temperature and water quality.

They can be kept around 5 to 6 minnows in a 5-gallon aquarium because of their small size. They are peaceful and happy when they are co-existing with other fish. The normal temperature for white cold mountain minnow is around 64 to 72°F.

Mexican Dwarf Crayfish

What’s the best in the crayfish’s behavior is that they are not demanding when it comes to housing, and being placed in a small 5-gallon tank would still be comfortable for them.

When setting up an environment for them, it is better to include numerous hiding places as they are molting regularly.

Once their molt shells harden, they can be defenseless against other fish species. They are non-aggressive except when they are paired together with smaller fish like neon tetras.

Being a small creature, Crayfish has to be separated from larger fish as they often become their meal.


Gourami can get bigger as they grow older, but they are actually semi-aggressive. When paired with the same-sex, they can be unlikeable as they often go on fights with them.

Because of the rapid growth of their number, Gourami has to be taken to a larger aquarium so they won’t get crowded.


Guppies are adorable and the peacemaker in every fish task as they don’t get themselves involved in trouble unless when being chased by an aggressive fish.

They have the brightest scale, which made them a lovely sight to see.


Fishkeeping is actually difficult, but you have to be observant of their behaviors and mating season to get crowded in a smaller tank.

It’s also important to research their social interaction and temperament to be paired up with the wrong fish. If they grow in numbers, then better invest in a larger aquarium or, better yet, do a business out of it.