Where Do You Put Fish When Kayaking?

Fishing is not only a hobby, but it is also a lifestyle. When you get to enjoy fishing, you will have a blast, but there’s one concern most of these people are having, storage. Yes, you can catch a lot of fishes but turn out you’re out of space to store them.

Where do you put fish when kayaking?  You can put your catch in an insulated fish bag, burlap sacks, or cooler. There are lots of numerous fish-storage options available, but when using these products, be sure to put a lot of ice in them to lower the fish temperature.

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In this article, you will find out different storage to consider when doing kayak fishing. It can help in making sure that the fish you caught stays fresh.

Kayak-Sized Cooler

There are different sizes of coolers available in the market. One is the Orion Premium cooler. You need to find the perfect size depending on the size of your kayak itself. Any cooler will be fine as long as it is small enough to fit in perfectly on the deck of your kayak. Usually, this is put behind the seat of most anglers. Just be mindful that you are fishing out there under the total heat of the sun, so you have to make sure that you have enough ice that can last longer.

Where Do You Put Fish When Kayaking?

To get the best out of the cooling temperature in your cooler, you can add frozen water bottles in them to cool down any mess created when you catch a fish. The bottles can be recycled, so use it as many times as you like.

Soft-sided Kayak-specific Fish Bags

There are two kinds of best kayak fish bags available in the market today. These are IceMule Pro Catch and Seattle Sports Roll Catch.

Where Do You Put Fish When Kayaking?

They are not on the budget-friendly side, but they can last a long time with proper management, maintenance, and cleaning. These coolers have fully insulated and waterproof functionality that most anglers like. Also, these are made to fit in a bigger capacity, so regardless of the catch, they fit in perfectly.

Insulated Grocery Bags

If you think fish bags are too expensive. You can always opt to an affordable one, which is insulated grocery bags like the Earthwise Insulated Bags. These bags can give you the benefit you are looking for, and they only cost a few dollars. They may not be like the Orion cooler or IceMule bags, but it can get the job done, especially if its the cooler season. You can put it in the front hatch f your kayak to align with the opening of the hatch.

Where Do You Put Fish When Kayaking?


In kaya fishing, you want to make sure that you are catching the freshest fish as possible, so it is vital to know the proper way of storing them. There are so many factors to consider on how to preserve them, the size, weather, and even the water. Some also consider to have a live-well in their trucks and paddling back with some large catches if they want to keep it alive.