You can say that fishing is a form of a sport, and some fishing enthusiasts even call it angling, which is a form of catching fish either in freshwater or saltwater using a rod, line and hook. Like hunting in general, fishing is a way to secure food, and food is key for survival. Fishing as a sport is considered an ancient activity that has a long history.

Which country is first in fishing? The country that is on top of fishing productions and the fishing catch is the Republic of China. They have a wide range of history when it comes to fishing, which passed down in so many generations. It is why there are still up there at the top.

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In this short read, you will find out different countries leading the fishing industries in terms of several techniques and aquaculture.

Top Countries Who Leads The Fishing Industries

Fish is a major source of protein and Omega 3 fatty acids. These two are required in our body to maintain its healthy state. Most proteins and fats found in most fishes are the best supplements in preventing any cardiovascular diseases.

Many countries have boosted their fish production and aquaculture to meet this growing demand. Here is the list of top countries that are way on top of their game when it comes to fish industries.


China is considered to be the largest producer of fish in the entire planet. They produce about 58.8 million metron tons of fish per year. They maintained their status as the global leader when it comes to fish productions and never have any competitors.

One of the key reasons they hold this title is because the government provides fish farming and aquaculture cultivation for many years. Their technique is highly efficient and has gained a reputation all over the globe.


India is hailed as the second-largest producer of fish. The same with China, India’s fish industry and aquaculture was established back in the old days. And last 2017, they were hailed as the 2nd largest producer of fish globally, producing 9 million metric tons of fish annually.


Indonesia has made this list because they are responsible for producing 6 million metric tons of fish annually. Even though the quality of fish has been declining for the past few years, they still managed to adapt to different techniques and methods in increasing production.

One of the most notable features of Indonesia has is the Coral Triangle, which is one of the world’s largest coral reef hosts for fish diversity. It is estimated they have at least 1650 different species living in this coral reef host.


Overall, all of these three nations are still doing their best to be able to beat one another. This kind of healthy competition has brought advantages when it comes to conservation.

But there will be an instance where overfishing will arise, and it is up to them how they can protect their fish productions as fishes’ lives are not only at stake here but also their livelihood.