Where Can I Buy A Piranha Fish? Piranhas are freshwater fish that mostly inhabit the waters of South American rivers, lakes, and reservoirs. Although they work collectively to hunt their prey, their diets may vary extensively, that sometimes they also feed on plant materials. In general, piranhas are considered to be omnivorous contrary to what other people were claiming to be carnivorous.

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Physical Attributes

Most piranhas can grow at a maximum of 35cm, while the red-bellied piranhas can reach up to 50cm. Piranhas have strong, sharp teeth that can tolerate boned-fish. Among all kinds of piranha species, the black piranhas have the most exceptional and strongest bites, because it is generated by its jaw muscles. All piranhas only have a single row of unique, sharp teeth, and were packed to use in rapid shearing. Their teeth are broad, triangular, and pointed.

Distribution And Ecology

Piranha species have different kinds of ecology and show different behaviors to respond in a certain situation. Piranhas already have established a reputation to hunt their prey collectively. They are described as highly aggressive predators, but other documented foods for them are vertebrate animals such as mammals and reptiles, invertebrate animals, fruits, leaves, and seeds.

Where To Buy Piranha Fish

Even if Piranhas are not considered endangered, still the State of California declared that selling, importing and owning piranha fish is illegal. However, there was some local and online fish store which seemed mindless of this law. The Red Belly Piranha is the most popular and in-demand kind in the market because of its flashy colors. They can grow up to 6 inches and show the good coloration of bright orange and dark red fins.

How To Place Piranha In The Aquarium

Petting a piranha might be scary because they tend to bite people when people put their hands in the aquarium. But to keep a piranha, at least choose only the maximum of 3 piranhas in a 60-gallon water tank. Install the exterior power filter with a bio-wheel. and 1/4 inch of gravel. Ensure that the water temperature was set between 75 to 80 degrees F.

You have to consider the natural habitat of the piranha, which is in the murky waters of Amazon through the forest canopy, so their ideal aquarium should have lesser aquarium lights because it might hurt their eyes. Piranhas are frightful when the aquarium light is brighter, even when they are used to it. Make sure that the light is dimmed enough so it will not cause damage to their vision.

Recommended Diet

Since piranhas are omnivores, their diets can adapt to whatever foods you’ll feed them. Piranhas will eat flake foods and freeze-dried foods such as blood worms and insect larvae. When they grow bigger, they would demand a larger chunk of fish and beef for their needs for proteins and Omega-3 and 6.


Taking care of piranha fish is a risky job to do because of their displayed aggressiveness. However, everything will still work out fine when you understand the comfort zones of the piranhas. For more information, you can always search it in the online community for more tips and advice.