How Do Fish Breed In An Aquarium? Every life form is being multiplied through the mating process, and every aquarist should be able to enjoy the wonders of fish mating. It is especially when these fish began to reproduce their fry until it reached maturity.

How do fish breed in an aquarium? There are two methods of fish breeding called live-bearing and egg-laying. To breed a fish is not an easy task because their environmental and dietary needs must be prioritized. Such factors should include the nutritional value of their foods.

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In this article, passionate aquarists would be able to note the considerations in fish breeding in an aquarium, such as the methods of breeding and the kind of environment they were into, for better fish reproduction.

Methods Of Mating

Not all fishes have the same methods for mating, because they have different and specific uses of their reproductive organs. Most male fishes possess two evenly-sized testes, whereas the female fishes have ovaries.


Through this mating process, the male fish would transmit their sperm into the female fish through the anal fin called a gonopodium. The sperm would internally fertilize the eggs, and it would be developed in a matter of 3 to 4 weeks. Sometimes, after giving birth, female fishes don’t need to mate again with the male ones to give birth to another set of fry.


It involves the process of the female laying eggs when reproducing offsprings. The fertilization took place externally, contrary to the live-bearing method, and is called oviparity. There were two distinct processes of egg-laying. The first one is creating a bubble nest where the eggs are being kept before their hatching period. The other method is the egg scatterers, wherein the male fish fertilized the eggs.

Factors For Mating

Inbreeding fish in an aquarium, there would be several factors to be considered, especially when it comes to seasons, temperature, breeding pairs, and many others.

Selection Of Fish

It’s essential to choose a healthy fish, with the best color and vigor, where they can breed anytime. Tropical fish can produce in the spring season and must be provided with foods high in protein for better reproduction.

Fish Diet

Each aquarist should note to provide fish with foods abundant in protein, and they should feed the fish three times a day. To be prepared for breeding, they must have enough energy. A live or frozen brine shrimp would be the best example of protein producers that female fish should intake.

Tank Size

For breeding, the aquarist should get a separate breeding tank of about 10-gallon water so it would give the female fish enough space to reproduce and rest after breeding. Fill the tank with an air pump, heater, sponge filter, and a good lighting system.


To conclude, it is best to keep fish species that you are familiar with. It is especially the ones that you know their behavioral, sexual, and diet patterns, so it wouldn’t be too hard for you to handle them. After breeding, it is a great option to separate the fry from their parents, since their parents might eat the fry. Lastly, you need to do extensive research on the particular species you’ll be breeding and ask out the advice of fish experts so you can pay extra attention to their breeding process.