Fish and Milk

There’s a precaution to all seafood lovers that you must not drink milk after eating seafood. However, there is no scientific evidence if milk can be harmful after eating fish. In general, this is rabbinical teaching in the Jewish religion.

Many fish dishes are prepared with dairy products as the main ingredient, making the belief redundant.

Ayurveda, a field of medicine that promotes a healthy lifestyle in India, proposed the same theory as the rabbinical beliefs.

Starchy foods could not go together with high-protein foods, but it would not directly create a danger to your health.

It would only lead to indigestion.

Health and Lifestyle Views

Keeping up with the Ayurvedic philosophy will help you improve your healthy lifestyle.

As mentioned, they are also in line with the rabbinical beliefs that fish and milk cannot go together because of the opposite effects it has on our body.

According to them, fish produces a higher protein and fatty acids versus milk, which is a good source of iodine, calcium, and vitamin B2.

They have also called this phenomenon a “cooling and heating effect.”

This phenomenon was supported by Nutritionist Dr. Tapasya Mundhra that milk has a cooling effect on the body while the fish has the opposite.

Some nutritionists say that fish and milk should not be taken together if you have a weak digestive and/or immune system.

Nutritionist and Ayurvedic expert Dr. B. N. Sinha said that fish is considered a vegetarian product, and consuming it with milk may produce tamas guna, which is a philosophic concept on darkness and energy.

This is the main reason it causes a digestion imbalance.

Ask the Rabbi

In Jewish law, it is suggested that eating fish with milk may not be classified under the Kashrut, which is mandatory law by the Jewish faith in what is permissible to eat or not.

Perhaps the milk and fish combination is just part of their religious beliefs, and there’s no scientific meaning to it.

Whatever is not listed in the Kashrut is ultimately prohibited in the Talmud because they believe that this is also concerning hygienic practices.

Effects of Milk and Fish Combination

There were reports that white patches were appearing after consuming fish and milk, but that’s not because of bad food combinations but the result of your weak immune and digestive system.

The proposition of Ayurveda was opposed by Nutritionist Dr. Anju, saying that there’s no danger in eating fish and milk together because there is no clear scientific explanation on this food combination.

Even though there’s no harm, precautionary measures and consumption in moderation should be considered.


It is more important that before you eat these foods together, you should verify it’s nutritional value and consider some common opinions from your family, friends, or health experts if it is a true concern for your health.

Just in case you have an imbalanced digestive track, it is suggested to stop experimenting, or you might end up with a one-way ticket to the emergency room.