The Whitefish

Whitefish is a freshwater fish near the seafloor called Atlantic Cod, Halibut, or Flounder. When cooked, whitefish are dry, and compared to other fishes, the flesh of the whitefish is completely white.

Generally, whitefish have silvery scales and stretched numbfish-like body and measures about a foot in length.

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Facts About The Whitefish

Whitefish can be classified into different, unique species that can easily be identified according to their appearance and where they live. One well-known whitefish is the Halibut, a popular fish in Norwegian culture that signifies prosperity.

In Norway, there were contests where they have to bring in the largest halibut. Some could even weigh more than 170 lbs.

A Yellowtail Flounder is found all over the East Coast of the US to the Atlantic coast and Northeast Asia. In Japan, flounder is the raw ingredient in sashimi and China, and it is served steamed with ginger and garlic as the main seasoning.

Whitefish can either be served raw, baked, or steamed. Alaska, the “World’s Halibut Fishing Capital,” has its unique recipe for making Halibut and Prawn Basket dipped in a special batter and lemon juice.

Behavior And Diet Of The Whitefish

Petting a whitefish is never a good idea because they needed a larger environment, and they usually stay in cold, deep waters and only go up for food. Some species of this group live in freshwater, while others would transfer to oceans once they reached adulthood.

Whitefish also have different sets of diets according to their size. Planktons, small shrimps, and larvae are the young ones’ favorite, while adults love to eat small fish, clams, and other small water insects.

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How To Get The Best Whitefish

Whitefish has a provincial flavor. That’s why it has been accepted in many countries, despite its bland, dry meat. This fish is usually mildly flavored, inexpensive, and cooked in various baking, frying, soup, and chowder methods.

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Freshness And Thickness

When buying it, always take the initiative to ask the vendor for fresh fish because fish is easily spoiled. Then, always weigh it and note that the fish’s thickness defines the number of minutes you are about to cook it.


As stated above, whitefish are generally bland and white, so when you see that the color is a little bit darker, it’s not fresh anymore.


Because of the popularity of the whitefish, both for recreational and commercial use, across the earth and usually been used as the main dish in every country, there is an agreement between Canada and the US only to catch a certain limit of whitefish to avoid overfishing and to preserve its population.

The Philippines also states in RA 8550, or the Fisheries Code of 1998, to address the fish’s immediate exploitation and coral degradation. It’s a good thing that countries have acknowledged the issue of exploitation among the fish.

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