When Is The Best Time To Go Fishing?

Knowing the best time to go fishing is essential for a fishing trip. Before anglers decide to pack their fishing gear, they should know first the best time. Aside from that, they also know that even if they have the best fishing gear, if the time isn’t right, it’s useless.

When is the best time to go fishing? Knowing what the best time to go fishing isn’t possible because fishes are coldblooded. Meaning their activity will always depend on the temperature surrounding them. But one thing’s for sure, avoid going to a place that has extreme temperatures.

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Though we can’t say a specific time when to go fishing, we’ll give you lists on how to determine when’s the right time. Plus, we will also provide pointers on fishes behavior every season.

Successful Fishing Depends On The Fishes Itself

If in case you didn’t know, fishes are a cold-blooded species, meaning they can’t keep their temperature constant. If the days are too hot, this can make the fishes in shallow lakes and rivers sluggish.

The same thing will happen during winter whenever the temperatures are lower. And to sum it all, fish’s body temperature and functions are influenced by the temperature’s surroundings.

Think of it this way, and if there’s the high and low water temperature in the water, it reduces the amount of the oxygen. That’s the time that fishes are less active and picky.

Tools You Can Use When’s The Best Time For Fishing

1. Daily Fishing Forecast

Bright sunlight can affect the fish’s activity, so when you go fishing, take into this consideration too. Generally, fish love it when it’s early in the morning or in the evening sun to the bright midday rays.

Because in middays, the surface temperature of the water is hotter, making the fish go deeper. This fishing forecast is available online through the Farmer’s Almanac.

It’ll help you determine if a fish will be particularly biting on that day.

2. Fishing Calendar

Another tool that can help you out is the fishing calendar apps that lets you determine the fish’s activity. It can also help you identify a better location to try when fishing.

This app also helps anglers to determine your exact location like the weather’s pattern. Remember that wind is a big factor that affects the fishing time because it pushes water and food too far.

Fish’s Behavior On Each Season

Spring – They say that fish bite on and off during this season. That is why you’ll be lucky if they bite on. But fishes in this season don’t do much eating during the mornings, so take advantage during the dusk.

In this season, wind can push your food-filled surface to the shore, so position it downwind along the shoreline.

Summer – Fishes will be biting before the sunup and after sundown, of course, when they know if the food is abundant. It is a good season for fishing because the fishes are said to go to cooler, deeper water.

Fall – It’s an inconsistent time, but if the fishing is good, then it’s good. Dusk is the best time for fishing in this season because the water is warm from hours of sunlight. Plus, they eat more than usual because of the food shortage that the winter brings.

Winter – This is the season, which isn’t the best time for fishing. It’s really cold outside unless you want to go ice fishing.


In general, to have a successful fishing activity, try to avoid doing it during hot temperatures. Fishes are a cold-blooded species, which means that their behavior will always depend on the surrounding temperature.

But you can still determine which is the best time to go fishing if you follow and remember those pointers we gave you.