Passing A Fishing Boat

Maintaining safety while traveling on the water is crucial, especially because the weather and the passing boats can be unpredictable and can create a unique kind of danger. In passing a fishing boat, the US Coast Guard has implemented its rule and restriction for it.

According to some common courtesy and as an owner of the boat, you must consistently maintain safe practices on the water to avoid unlikely accidents.

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No matter how veteran you are in controlling a boat, it might lead you into big trouble without any consciousness of doing it properly. As a boat owner, you are also responsible for ensuring the safety of the boat passengers.

Just imagine driving a car, and you happened to pass by with a lot of cars. To pass successfully, you should have enough knowledge about how your vehicle works and the passing system of other vehicles.

Without any hint of knowledge, then you’re giving yourself a headache because you’ve caused damage to other vehicles, and even if the damage has been done, you can’t arrogantly say that you don’t know how to.

Remember, a lack of knowledge can’t be used as self-defense against the other vehicle.

Going Back To The Basic

When you pass a fishing boat, you have to steer to the starboard side, meaning on the right side of the boat, and both boats will have to pass each other on the port side.

But there are also instances where passing to the starboard side is not even close to possible.

Just in case you passed fishing that has cast lines towards the shore, then you have to find a way to pass on the other side. However, you and the other fishing boat have to agree on the condition you will do otherwise.

The signal that you have to do is to honk once when you pass on the starboard side and wait for them to honk back to you, which only means a signal from them.

On the other hand, if you want to pass on the port side, then honk twice, then wait for them to do the same honks, which means they agreed to give you a go-signal.

Maintaining communication with the other boats is extremely vital; this is common courtesy and ensures safety on the water.

When precautionary measures are being overlooked, we tend to hurt not only ourselves but also our innocent allies inside the boat.

Why Fishing Can Be Tricky To Pass

You have to expect that fishing has all the lines, nets, and gears when passing them. These can cause a hassle and obstruction to your end if you are not careful enough to pass them.

As mentioned above, you have to use the signals for you to get through them.

Concentrate on the passing maneuver at all times and have a trusted lookout so you are informed of what kind of obstructions could appear when you pass.

You cannot do this alone, so you have to assign this risky task to your passenger to alert you of such possible water hazards and incoming boats.

Pass on at the safest speed limit, and you have to be careful not to create any large wakes. Passing on at the safest speed will prevent you from possible collisions or anything unlikely to occur.

These are the few things you and your passenger need to look after obstruction, your boat’s distance from the shore and the other boat traffic, the dock, the weather condition, the maneuverability of your boat, and the background lights at night.

What To Look For In A Boat

You will eventually need a better Scout if you want to go fishing and cruising. But first, you have to look out for the great amenities that the fishing boat offers.

For instance, a cruiser boat can give you an excellent experience and pleasure on the water because they are fast-moving and would allow you to stay on deck for hours without compromising your lifestyle.

Plus, to be inside a cruiser boat means getting all the superior luxury that you deserved.


Many like staying in a cruise boat because you can relax comfortably in the cabin. A fine, luxurious cruiser would have a sleeping cabin, a dining room, mini-kitchen, and even an entertainment system.

Amenities And Conveniences

Cruiser boats are considered a luxury because they will give you the convenience to enjoy.  Some cruisers offer grilling stations for better and intimate enjoyment and a Wi-Fi connection to those technology-dependent kids.

The Capacity Of The Boat

If you wanted to spend more days on the water, you should consider the number of people that it can accommodate and the size of the boat and how it handles the load.

The larger the boat is, the more chance for you to get a long rest. Also, you have to consider the boat’s fuel and freshwater capacity for a long-lasting trip.


You have to be familiar with all of the procedures, especially the US Coast Guard rule before you go out for a water adventure.

When you are becoming obedient to the law, that only means you’re becoming vigilant of the possible risk that you’ll encounter. Just in case you forgot what’s written in the rule book, then you can ask the other boat’s captain by radio-ing them and discuss the passing maneuver.

Keep yourself familiar with all the navigational rules from time to time because just the same rule with driving by land, driving on the water is also critical.

You can also familiarize yourself with some basic boating navigational color markers, and you can look at them online about their meaning. At the end of the day, the most important thing that you can take with you is safety and assurance that you can return home safe and sound.