Why Do You Need A Fish Spatula?

A fish spatula is a kitchen utensil characterized by its nearly razor-thin, angled edge with a gently curving slotted plane and widely spaced tines. It is mainly used in flipping over fish, whether a whole fish or a piece of filleted fish, on a frying pan or grill.

Why do you need a fish spatula? First, it is useful in flipping fish. You can use it to cook dishes that require flipping over food. You may even agree that it’s the only frying, grilling and toasting kitchen tool you will ever need due to its versatility.

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Below are some of the reasons why you may require a fish spatula when cooking. Aside from that, you will also learn some of its uses in the latter part of this article.

It Is A Versatile Tool

A fish spatula looks like any other standard spatula in the kitchen. It has a handle, which can either be metal or wood and a flat heat with slots. It’s mainly used for frying fish due to its larger and broader fan-shaped head, thus, its name.

But it isn’t just used for flipping fish! A fish spatula has several unique features that make it ideal for kitchen uses aside from flipping an entire fish or pieces of filleted fish.

First, it has a longer head that allows its user to gain the right leverage in flipping delicate food perfectly. You won’t have to struggle flipping either fish fillet or pancake since it’s perfectly cradled in the spatula’s longer and broader head.

Second, its thin edge slides effortlessly under the thinnest of food without completely ruining its structure. These include sunny side up and scrambled eggs, pancakes and crepes, and fish and burger patties. You can quickly flip over the food, and it will hold its shape.

Third, it has a wide handle that makes for more confidence in flipping food. You can get a firm grip on the handle, slide in the slotted head, and place as much of the food on it. Once you have proper placement, make a slight turn of your wrist to flip the spatula and voila!

The slats on its head also allow the excess oil and grease to drip through to the pan. Your fried food will be less greasy for it. You may even place the spatula on the edge of the pan to let the oil drip for a few seconds before transferring the food to a plate.

The good news is that there are many fish spatulas! You may want to look at high-quality yet reasonably-priced AdeptChef and Sabatier models.

Uses Of Fish Spatula

Of course, fish spatulas were initially designed for flipping tender fish fillets without damaging them. These can also be used in gently pressing down on the fish, such trout or salmon, to prevent their edges from curling up. The effect was evenly-cooked fish with a gorgeous golden-brown sear.

Your fish spatula can also be used for flipping thick, tender and juicy burger patties, thanks to its beveled edge. You may also use it in turning fluffy pancakes and thin crepes with the large paddle fitting nearly all of the pancake or crepe. You can quickly toss the food, as is the case for fried eggs.

Surprisingly, you can also use it for prying cooked from the pan.


To conclude, be sure to add one or two fish spatulas with different size and length into your shopping cart when buying. You will then have a useful and versatile kitchen tool that will serve you well for many years to come.