Where Is The Best Fishing?

Fishing all over the world is known to be a field sporting activity. It all makes sense because there is plenty of great locations all over the globe, especially in the United States. Seeing how vast and diverse this country is, you can enjoy fishing equally either during summer or winter.

Where is the best fishing? There are plenty of best fishing spots across the nation such as Martha’s Vineyard in Massachusetts, California Delta, Charlotte Harbour in Florida, Florida Keys, and Green River in Utah.

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Find the best of the best fishing spots across the United States below. You might find it surprising that it is not all coastal states that will be on this list but also the one up north and midwest. Let’s get into it.

Best Fishing Spots In The United States

There are plenty of fishing spots around the globe, but why go abroad if you can find it here in the US. If you are planning to go on your summer vacation, you should check out these fishing spots.

It is why a lot of American restaurants offer the best seafood there is. If you want to explore, get yourself nice fishing equipment. Here are some of the best fishing areas across the country that you should bookmark on your next travel plans.

Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts

If you are looking for the abundant supply of Striped Bass and Bluefish, there is no other place to go than in Martha’s Vineyard in Massachusetts.

This location is the home for the oldest fishing tournament in the country. It is also the place where you can reel in various aquatic fishes like bonito, bunker, false albacore, and some mackerel.

This area is famous for fishing, so if you ever forget some of your equipment, you can also find it in some local tackle shops nearby.

California Delta, California

California weather is known to be a warm and mild climate. For this reason, it is perfect for people who want to explore the California Delta, which is found in the northern part of California.

This location is ideal for people to practice their angling skills at any time of the year. This place is packed with river banks and includes many piers. The delta can provide you with many opportunities to catch fish like sturgeon, striped bass, catfish, and black bass.

With all the derbies that can be found in this location, you can enjoy your fishing time while enjoying the view. However, some anglers advised bringing all your protective equipment, including your fisherman hat and sunglasses.

It is because the weather can be too hot for some people and you want to protect yourself from the heat.

Charlotte Harbour, Florida

You might be surprised that in Charlotte Harbour in Florida, the best time to fish is during the wintertime. The idea of packing up gear like your steelhead into your pickup and driving it to the harbor is exciting.

It is more satisfying to fish than to catch fish as this spot is a unique blend of freshwater and saltwater fish from Peace Myakka, Caloosahatchee rivers, and the Gulf of Mexico.

You can get fish like redfish, snooks, barracuda, and groupers and many more fish species available for reeling. It is the best spot to perfect and practice your different style of fishing from the deep sea to kayak fishing.

Florida Keys, Florida

If you find that Charlotte Harbour is not for you, there is another Florida fishing location you can go to, the Florida Keys. This location boast of a large 125 miles stretch of long arc islands and the best place to catch fish all year.

There are a lot of fish species that can be found in this spot, the same fish you can get in Charlotte Harbour. Although, this particular one overflows with species that range from tarpon to redfish, bonefish, and even snook.

All species found in this area have been listed in an article published by the Sport Fishing Magazine. It means that it is a pilgrimage for both fishing enthusiasts all around the country.

Lake Austin, Texas

Texas is a big state, and it is no wonder that this location is worth considering for fishing enthusiasts. Lake Austin is known to permit anglers to reel a 20-pound largemouth, and this fishing spot should be right up your alley.

It is an area considered to be full of bass, and it is cooler than any other region in Texas. It is worth considering when making a trip to find these amazing bass. It is advisable to go there at night because during the day it will be filled with recreational boaters.

But during at night, you can have it your way and get a glimpse of this fantastic place. 

Columbia River, Oregon & Washington

If you live in the Pacific Northwest, the best time to fish there is during the summer and spring season. This way, you can get unlimited access to different varieties of fish species in the Columbia River. It includes some sturgeon, steelhead, and even smallmouth bass.

If you are not an experienced bloater, you might find it hard to navigate on the water for this angling spot. It is because it can be quite tricky and it is advisable to opt for fishing from the shore.

Also, it is a great spot, so make sure to have all your equipment with you and bring your fishing watch. This way, you can consult your GPS and understand the surrounding.

Lake Fork Reservoir, Texas

Another fantastic spot from the state of Texas is the beautiful Lake Fork Reservoir. This location is known for bass fishing just like the other places in Texas. This lake contains a wide range of fish including channel catfish, bream, black and white perch, and sunfish.

Make sure to pack all the necessary tackle with you, but if you forget it, you can always go to the nearest local tackle shop.

There is a 100% probability of you reeling in the bass and this is not a hoax. But you should still give it a try, and you may be surprised to get crappie instead. You may utilize anything from a small colorful lure to live bait for fishing.

It is because the quality of the water in Lake Fort Reservior is beyond perfection.

Colorado River, Colorado

Depending on the type of fish you want to catch, you can pick a different spot for your angling practice from a stretch of over 1,400 miles. In June, it is recommended to check out the salmon fly hatches that are located near the Rocky Mountains.

This scenario is a perfect way to take advantage of this area and reel in some trout.

Kobuk River, Alaska

When it comes to the style of fishing, the grip type fishing is the most popular fishing in Kobuk River of Alaska. If you are looking for some extreme measure when it comes to fishing, then this location is for you.

This river is known to be over 200 miles long, and it is home to many species of trout, chum salmon, arctic char, northern pine, and Sheefish.

A Sheefish is known to be a vast, fast, and extremely strong fish that can put up a fight with anglers. Regardless of any experience you have, you need to use all your equipment that is resilient for their toughness.

In grip fishing, the trick is to avoid tying the fish line around the fishing rid and your fingers. Instead of it, make use of your fingers to fasten the thread and watch your fishing line to stabilize by the tension on the rubber plug.

Green River, Utah

Green River in Utah is known for its location to reel in trout or if you want to give fly fishing a try. This location is best for you because it is the home to the rainbow trout. To get the best out of your fishing techniques, you need to use spinners or Rapalas.

It is aside from the conventional fly tackle, but nothing prevents you from going in for baitcasting or utilizing the best spin-cast reel.

Fishing aside, this location comes with a breathtaking view and a lot of budget-friendly lodging, which makes you fall in love with this place even more.


As a conclusion, there is a myriad of fishing areas provided across the country. With a lot of options, you can choose the best place where you can enjoy fishing the most whether alone or along with your loved ones.

You can choose to depend on where you are located or near you. The best way to be able to discover them is to organize a get-together or a road trip with your best buddies as soon as possible.

There are plenty of online forums you can check where anglers and fishers share their experiences and suggestions for other people to try.