What Net Is Best For Wading? One popular way of catching fish that is used by fishers is called wading that means to walk in the water with your body partially immersed. Since wading means having to walk in water, fishers used waterproof boots extending from the foot to the thigh, chest, or even the neck for protection and better comfort. It is usually made from vulcanized rubber but sometimes in modern PVC, neoprene, and Gore-Tex materials.

What net is best for wading? Anglers commonly used short handles for better control and lanyards to prevent it from losing. Different types of wading nets that are used for fishing are wood wading nets, trout landing nets, and some are designed based on their sizes.

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As you continue to read on, you will know more about what other wading nets can be used when fishing, some wading techniques, and the best spots where you can wade. Aside from that, you will also learn about what waders can be used and its difference from each other.

Types Of Nets For Wading

Gone are the days that actual netting materials are used because rubber mesh nets have now taken the picture. Here are some of the nets:

Wood Trout Net

What Net Is Best For Wading

This net is usually made with a clear rubber mesh, the tangle-free net that is virtually disappearing in water. It is said to be not suited to catch large fish but is excellent for river trout and grayling. It will not harm the delicate natural slime of your target as it is gently cradling fish and protects its scales from damage. Usually, the frame length is 23” with a 10” x 15” hoop and with an 8” handle.

Trout Landing Net Aluminum Handle

What Net Is Best For Wading

This net features a lightweight yet durable aluminum handle and frame. Its net is usually made of nylon and poly and that it can b folded, which is good for it does not consume much space. Most of the time, the nylon is waterproof, meaning it prevents water logging or often has an odor absorption. Hoop size depends on what fish are you going to catch, but sizes start from 11″x15″.

Triangular Fishing Net

What Net Is Best For Wading

A triangular fishing net is adjustable, especially its pole handle, and is made so it can swing easier in the water. Its handle can be extended and is detachable, which made it easy to carry and store. Because it is made of durable nylon mesh, it prevents waterlogging or odor absorption too. Fishnet opening is 12.2 inches in length to 37″ and 10.8 inches in weight to 17 inches and load capacity up to 20lbs.

Things To Consider When Buying Net

Having known about the best-est net that you can use for wading, remember that there are things that you need to consider when buying one.

Size – usually, expert fishermen advise when buying net range should be from 12-16 inches. A small net means it is more manageable to handle in such circumstances, but if you are looking for a big fish, it is not. Experts say that when hooking for a bigger fish, medium-sized is advisable because of its versatility.

Shape – in choosing what net to use, always remember to consider its shape if its collapsible, fixed frame, or a scoop net. With the collapsible net, its frame is folded in on itself. Nets are clipped or the waist or back. Other types are fixed frame and handle net, which is best used to those boat fishermen for landing those tricky fish.

Material – The most commonly used materials used in nets are rubber, nylon, carbon fiber, and fiberglass. In choosing your nets, knowing what materials have been used proved its durability. It is believed that rubber nets are the most popular and the best option for most fishers. Rubber nets are believed to be difficult to spot, pocket-friendly, its slickness, which means it has a lower chance of damaging fish’s slime coating.

The nylon nets are cheaper but there’s a chance that it may damage the fish’s tail fins. Carbon fiber and fiberglass nets are considered truly advisable because of their durability and are lightweight, so expect that it’s costly. Now that you know each characteristic and strength choose your net wisely.

Handle’s Length – handle’s length will depend on its water environment, trout’s size, weight, and from where are wading from. When you’re wading from a boat, longer handles are needed to be able to reach the water without leaning and avoid falling. It is also best when you are looking for a bigger fish. Shorter nets are advisable when wading over the river shores.

Cost – it is obvious that before buying nets, you should also consider its cost. If you are looking for an excellent net, except that it’s quite pricey, the cost of a wading net will, of course, depend on its quality, brand, and even the additional fishing tools that come with it. So if you want an excellent net, make sure to buy what worth your penny.

Techniques In Wading

When you’re a new wader, ask some help from those experts that’s been for years doing this if you doubt that these techniques will help you catch fish in no time. Also, when you learn these, you can pass it on to others that are starting.

The Slide

As fishers would describe it, wading is a skill that not all can do it perfectly. Wading needs a stealthy approach, especially when you are in calm knee-deep water. Fishes in this area are easy to sight but not to catch as you think it is. And with this, you are tempted to just wade at them without hesitation, and this made your target run away.

To slide, use the thinnest part of your legs to mimic a knife slicing through the water every time you take a step. With every step, make sure to move your foot over the bottom and forwardly slide it until its fully extended in front of you. And then you can plant that foot and began sliding the rear foot forward. It is a slow process, but sure it helped you have a good deal of water.

This technique can be used when you’re in for saltwater situations and any other fresh, calm water situations. 

The Dive

Doing the slide technique is not advisable if you’re on a rocky and uneven surface of the water. That is why doing the diving technique is advisable when there’s an uneven bottom of the water. The fisherman great blue heron hunters use this technique. It will allow you to step in and out of the water without causing so much disturbance to your target.

To dive, you need to position first your toe without creating any disturbances. Lift your boot out of the water, extend your leg and reenter the water with pointing toes down. Try imagining you’re in a swimming competition somersaulting, but this time you are using your feet.

The Drift

When you’re in a waist-deep and fast-moving water, it’s impossible to balance. And all you have to do is fight that strong current. And fighting that strong current will make turbulence, and there’s no way out but to continue walking and compose your balance. A river is an example of a strong runner current of water.

When doing a drifting, remember to plant your upstream leg and drift you are downstream with the current. Make sure that the downstream leg is planted and then allow the upstream foot to drift down with a matching position. Remember not to drift with both legs at the same time. And since your drifting on fast current water, this surely is the best to use as it produces less disturbance to your targets.

Types Of Waders

Three different types of waders been circulating on various online stores nowadays. These are the boot-foot Wader, the Stocking-foot Wader, and the Hip-Wader.

Boot-foot Wader

This wader can be extended from the foot of the angler up to its chest, and the boot is permanently attached to the water. This type of wader is suitable and price worthy because you don’t have to buy for separate wading boots. The downside of this is that it is heavier. It is also bulky and is believed to be challenging to get into compared to other types of waders.

Stocking-foot Wader

Unlike the boot-foot wader, the boot is not attached to the wader that it can be bought separately. Having this, you get a chance to choose a lighter and smaller boot. This wader is one popular type because its one is easier to get in and out, unlike the boot-foot wader. It also gives you a chance to replace the boot whenever your sizes change, that because its boots aren’t permanently attached.


This type is designed for shallow, slower-moving water, you can buy it in stores with boots attached or not. It can also be extended from the foot of the angler up to the upper leg of the angler.

Hip-waders are designed for wading shallow, slower-moving waters. These fishing waders – some of which have boots attached and others that do not. It can extend from the foot of the angler up to the upper leg of the fisherman. This type of waders is said to be more comfortable because you can simply get in and out of it. It is said that hip wader is the same with wading pants because they fit just like pants.

Hip waders are similar to wading pants and can be used when the waters are shallow or at below waist level. Wading pants are quite comfortable too because of its lightweight.

Importance Of Waders

Purchasing a wader will depend on what kind of fish are you going to catch, some fisher wears it, and some are not. But some fishermen believe that to have the best catch. You need to get soaked into the water. It is also thought that waders are essential, especially for keeping the water warm during cold months. Wearing waders during the cold months will prevent fishers from acquiring hypothermia and other related serious problems.

Knowing the importance of using waders, some states are beginning to particular can type of waders. The ban especially those waders that contain porous felt soles. It is because this kind of soles is said to easily host various types of species that can be transferred from one source to another.

Spots On Where To Wade

If you are leaving the beaches, then you can wade fishing whenever you want to. You can catch fish at dawn, dusk after dark, or when the beach-goers are not usually around. They say some productive spots are along numerous causeways. It is particularly the causeways that are connected to the mainland to the barrier island. Or, land that is across a bay or an inlet.

Either of the two, beaches or causeway, make sure that you have the best nets for wade fishing to catch your targets. Remember that when fishing, you always bring with you your patience. Patience because not all the time, you will catch fishes as much as what you expect. Fishing will still require lots of patience.


In general, wade fishing is not as easy as you think because to be able to catch more fishes, find the best spot first. And after finding that spot, you will be able to determine which nets suit your targets. It is not just about knowing the best nets for wading but also learning other important details before you go wading. Remember also that to catch fishes when wading. You need to learn some effective techniques, and using wader is essential too.

Wading is another way of catching fish aside from fishing using baits. But whatever methods or ways you use, fishing is considered a skill that not everyone has.