Top 12 Fish Spatulas

Unlike a standard slotted spatula, a fish spatula comes with thinner, gently curved, longer, and broader spaced tines.

Because of its design, this spatula can slide gently under a soft fish fillet. It is a perfect tool for flipping fish when cooking.

For those looking to buy a fish spatula, below are some characteristics you should consider. I have also listed some of the market’s leading fish spatulas that meet those criteria.

What Is It?

As its name suggests, a fish spatula has an elongated surface that you can use to transfer several cookies simultaneously.

Aside from that, you may also use it to flip grilled cheese sandwiches, especially when using oblong bread.

A fish spatula can help drain the oil from the food you are moving out from the pan. It will also allow you to see if the food is browning under its wide slots.

Characteristics Spatula


It is essential to consider the shape of the spatula before buying. Besides, even a tiny detail can make a huge difference. Make sure to choose a fish spatula that angles upward close to the edge.

The angle should be enough to let it squeeze into small spaces in a pan as well as securely cradle a portion of food.

Aside from that, ensure that the spatula’s beveled blade edge can quickly go under the fragile skin of fish, and it should also efficiently remove any stuck-on residue from the pan’s sides.

If a spatula doesn’t have enough curve or angle on the tip, it can be challenging to use.

And if it is too flat, the food you will lift using it will easily roll-off. A spatula with a blunt tip will also lead you to push the food instead of sliding underneath it.

Strength And Flexibility

Another key to a good fish spatula is flexibility and strength. These characteristics will allow the utensil to slip smoothly underneath the food, even those delicate to cook.

It also helps to maneuver the spatula in a crowded pan easily. A stiff spatula can be challenging to use without letting your hands touch the hot corner of the pan and slide underneath a food in a way that won’t touch the one beside it.

The spatula should also have enough strength to lift heavy food portions such as steak or big burgers. Otherwise, you will only end up with an annoying spatula that always lets food slide into the floor.


You can usually find fish spatulas with stainless flippers. This material is popular, but other manufacturers produce fish spatulas with nylon flippers.

Fish spatulas with nylon flippers are intended for nonstick pans. While they protect the surface of nonstick pans, they have less flexibility than stainless flippers.

Nylon spatula can’t be manufactured too thin to work efficiently, and it is less flexible and too thick, making it challenging to slide underneath the food. Notably, fish fillets are too fragile not to damage.

But for those using nonstick pans, stainless steel fish spatulas are not recommended since the metal can scratch the coating of the cookware.

Since nonstick pans allow the food to efficiently, nylon spatulas are less of a problem.

Aside from the kind of material used for the spatula’s flippers, you should also consider the material used for its handle. It is especially for those who are using a dishwasher.

Take note that fish spatulas with wood handles are not dishwasher safe. For this reason, use spatulas with poly handles if you are against hand-washing.

Top 12 Best Spatulas

Here are some of the best spatulas according to the criteria mentioned above:

Chef’s Slotted Turner By Lamson (Left-Handed)

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Fish spatulas for left-handed individuals are rare to find. But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t any good fish spatulas for lefties out there.

Lamson offers this Chef’s Slotted Turner for left-handed, cheaper than its right-handed version.

There are no more uncomfortable lefties when cooking their favorite fish fillet with this special spatula.

 The material used for the flipper of this fish spatula is a full-tang high-carbon stainless steel blade. It also features a comfortable and smooth pom handle that resists heat for safe cooking.

It also comes with a solid and durable material that can lift burgers.

You can use this spatula for a well-balanced and effortless flipping of crepes and other kinds of meat.

Victorinox Turner Slotted Wood

After testing every fish spatula on the list, I found Victorinox as the most comfortable to use. It comes with a high carbon stainless steel flipper that features the right curve, allowing easier flipping of pancakes and fish fillet.

Aside from that, it comes with the sharpest angled edge, which is a helpful feature. It is because a less curved edge feels harder to use.

And the flexibility of this spatula allows it to bend at the right angle to slide underneath a pancake or flip food in a crowded pan. It also has enough durability to lift a half-pound burger patty effortlessly.

OXO Fish Turner

OXO Fish Turner is your best option for those who prefer a spatula that will allow them to lift multiple pieces once. It features an oversized stainless steel flipper that makes it easier to lift two to three fish simultaneously.

When lifting a fish fillet from the pan, the wide slots in its flipper allow grease to drain. What makes it more desirable is its soft, comfortable handle that prevents the spatula from slipping from your hand.

This feature also protects your hand from heat because the material used for the handle is heat-resistant.

Winco Blade Fish Spatula

This fish spatula with a wooden handle from Winco is sturdy and efficient. It comes with a slotted ergonomic flipper that allows you to drain oil from food.

Also, this utensil integrates a commercial-grade material that ensures durability and long-lasting usage. You can also use it for functional cutting with its edged end while frying or grilling, just like a sharp knife.

Your hands are also safe from heat because of their wooden handle. The material is securely riveted to prevent detachment from the flipper even after extended usage.

Rachael Ray Nylon Spatula Set

This nylon spatula set from Rachael Ray is a large and medium fish spatula ideal for nonstick pans and other types of cookware and bakeware.

Since stainless steel fish spatulas can scratch the coating of nonstick pans, nylon spatulas are recommended for those who use such cookware.

The spatulas included in this set are made with high-quality nylon. The material can endure even up to 400 Fahrenheit temperatures, so you don’t have to worry when using it for frying.

Rachael Ray Nylon Spatula Set boasts a lightweight design. These are also clean and easy to use as well as cookware friendly.

McoMce Fish Spatula

Stainless steel fish spatulas are often perceived as nonstick pan-friendly utensils because they may scratch the cookware’s surface. However, fish spatulas with stainless steel flippers are more comfortable to use.

McoMce Fish Spatula features a stainless steel flipper that is safe to use with a nonstick pan. This spatula is your best option if you opt for comfort and efficiency.

You can also use it when using copper, ceramic, cast iron, and metal pots, pans, woks, and many more.

Unlike other items in this list, McoMce Fish Spatula may not be the cheapest. But it is made to last, and it is a wise investment for those who opt for a cost-effective solution for frying fish filet, pancakes, crepes, etc.

Newness Focus On Stainless Steel Fish Spatula

Newness Focus On Stainless Steel came up with a horizontally larger flipper for their fish spatula, lifting a larger fish with ease. It is made of food-grade stainless steel durable, safe, rustproof, and long-lasting.

With its modern design, this fish spatula is loved by most culinary and food enthusiasts. Its slotted flipper allows grease to drain when lifted from the pan.

The wide flipper of this utensil is about 3.11 inches wide and 8.15 inches long. Due to its design, you can effortlessly flip a large omelet, pancake, egg, steak, and so much more.

Tenta Kitchen Fish Turner Spatula

Another durable nylon fish spatula is on the list. Tenta Kitchen Fish Turner Spatula integrates a European food-grade slotted nylon blade that withstands up to 210°C.

And since it has a stainless steel handle, this fish spatula is dishwasher safe. You don’t have to worry about your hand’s safety, too, because nylon is not a heat conductor.

Tenta Kitchen Fish Turner Spatula is also sturdy. It might be lightweight, but it can lift even a half-pound burger patty. Its slotted flipper also helps drain excess oil from the food and lets you look under to see if it is browning.

It also has a perfect angle to go under delicate food such as fish fillets.

Winco Nylon Fish Spatula

Unlike the first Winco Fish Spatula featured earlier, this Nylon Fish Spatula from Winco comes with a lightweight and nonstick pan-friendly flipper.

The brand is among the most reliable and trusted companies when meeting the demands of a kitchen. Most hospitality and foodservice industry experts worldwide utilize this fish spatula, among other Winco products.

If you opt for a fish spatula that is comfortable and efficient to use, this cookware-friendly utensil is your best choice. Its size is perfect for lifting small to medium food pieces such as fish fillets, burgers, eggs, and many more.

KitchenAid Nylon Flex Turner

Don’t go out of style with just a cheap fish spatula; KitchenAid Nylon Flex Turner comes with a stylish red nylon flipper and an ergonomic handle that you will love.

You can cook your favorite crepe or pancake with this nonstick pan-safe fish spatula without difficulty because it comes with a flexible, oversized head. Its flipper also has an angle to slide underneath delicate food such as fish fillets.

This utensil has a hole in its ergonomic handle for convenient hanging storage. You may also wash it using your dishwasher at home for less hassle cleaning.

Kuhn Rikon Spatula

If you are willing to spend more to buy a beautiful and functional fish spatula, opt for Kuhn Rickon Soft Edge Slotted Spatula.

This fish spatula combines the functionality of both silicon and stainless steel material in its soft edge flipper. Its edge is made of silicon to avoid scratching cookware surfaces, and the rest of the flipper is made of stainless steel for a durable and flexible build.

The aesthetic appearance of this fish spatula also attracts food and culinary enthusiasts. Its silicon tip is red, while the rest of its flipper is made of stainless steel that shows pure elegance.

New Star Foodservice Fish Spatula

New Star Foodservice Fish Spatula is similar to Winco Blade Fish Spatula. But unlike the said brand, this fish spatula has a higher price point. Maybe because of its three stainless steel rivets to its secure handle?

If you opt for a high-quality fish spatula, you should include this item on your list. It features a commercial-grade stainless steel flipper that is safe for grilling, frying, and many more.

You may also find its sharp-edged flipper helpful when cutting food while cooking.


To conclude, a fish spatula should possess critical characteristics such as flexibility, strength, and durability to give you a good cooking experience. These features can contribute to how easy and comfortable a spatula is when utilized during cooking.

Also, make sure to choose a fish spatula with a handle that applies to your dishwashing preference. If you don’t want to wash by hand, disregard fish spatulas with wood handles.