Gefilte Fish

For those wondering what Gefilte Fish is, this article will help quench your curiosity about this Jewish cuisine. Gefilte fish is a traditional dish during Passover seder that some individuals are excited to taste, and others don’t like.

Gefilte Fish: Explained

The ingredients of Gefilte fish include ground, deboned white fish that is shaped into patties and balls. It may not sound like a delicious dish to you, but this Jewish cuisine can be extremely delicious, depending on the cook.

Gefilte fish can also be delicious when made at home. However, the taste will still rely on the recipe. Its consistency may also vary from smooth to chunky but, you can recognize an excellent gefilte fish through its texture similar to a light matzo ball.

You can also make your style of this dish at home. If you love slightly sweet foods, adding some sugar is ideal. You may also get sweet-tasting gefilte fish products like Manischewitz Sweet Gefilte Fish, Mrs. Adler’s Fish Gefilte Old Jrslm, and Yehuda Fish Gefilte if you don’t want to cook.

Ways To Serve Gefilte Fish

Usually, gefilte fish is served as a cold appetizer topped with horseradish. Aside from that, some people decorate it with a cooked carrot.

The most famous event where you can see this dish is the Jewish festival meals, including Passover and Rosh Hashanah. But it was traditionally part of the menu during Shabbat, given that the event allows people to serve fish to an enormous number of people.

Gefilte fish is also an economical option to satisfy your fish cravings during such events. It is especially that during Shabbat, Jewish people are not allowed to eat particular foods, including pork, and do tasks such as sorting.

In other countries like the United Kingdom, gefilte fish is usually fried. While it can be served at room temperature or cold, you can also get creative in mixing this so-called “sausage of the sea.”

If you want to learn more ways to serve gefilte fish, you can take a look at The Gefilte Manifesto by Jeffrey Yoskowitz, a compilation of new recipes for old-world Jewish foods.

Gefilte Fish As An Aphrodisiac

Gefilte fish is known as an aphrodisiac. Meanwhile, Jewish culture suggests that making love during Sabbath is a good thing.

Low-income Jewish families enjoy the multiple benefits of gefilte fish. This tasty dish allows them to provide a low-cost meal for their families without lacking in taste. On the other hand, parents acquire the physical incentive of the sausage of the sea.


To summarize, gefilte fish comes with a unique taste that other people don’t appreciate. For Jewish people, this dish is considered a low-cost and convenient food during important events that also influenced people worldwide.

In Germany, this so-called sausage of the sea is often served a little sweeter than the typical. But in Northern places like Lithuania, people out there love gefilte fish with a savory taste.

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