What Is A Fish Breeding Tube?

If you happen to be a large cichlid keeper, then you must know that they often breed in the fish aquarium, and through the use of the fish breeding tube, you may be able to breed them and raise a pair of successfully.

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Acquire Adults And Mate Them

You have to purposely purchase fish of the opposite sex and keep them in one aquarium. For instance, oscar fish can reach sexual maturity at around 14 months old when they’re about 6 to 10 inches long. A lot of Oscars may refuse to spawn only until they are 2 years old.

That’s where the fish breeding tube came into the picture. The only way that you can mate these fish is through the breeding tube. The Ovipositor is a part of the tube for the female that has to be connected to the male’s breeding tube.

These tubes are only needed before spawning and you will have bigger chances to find a good pair of fish after spawning.

Provide A Healthy Environment

Clean Water

The spawning period isn’t yet finished until the eggs are released. For a successful spawning, you must provide them adequate and healthy water conditions.

You have to put some long-lasting materials inside the fish tank like rocks, PVC Pipe, and clay flower pots for their place of hiding their spawns. The eggs would respond healthily if the water is clean and pristine because they are prone to fungal and bacterial infection.

Feeding Them Well

Before and during the spawning, their health would be at the most critical, so to ripened the eggs of an oscar fish, they must be supplied with good nutrients, especially with Omega-3 and 6 fatty acids.

Breeding pairs can be challenging and one of the first-time breeders’ failures is giving them an inadequate diet that can only fail. Pelleted fish food is most suggested, however, you have to watch out for their nutritional value.

Mealworms are very nutritious, too, but it tends to cloud the aquarium.

Give Them The Right Water

Even though you’ve given them clean water and healthier meals, still you have to monitor the water temperature. Water changes have to become more mandatory. Change at least 25 0 50% of the water and set the temperature to 82 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit.

By doing this, it will require much aquarium heaters. As of the moment, toys have to be set on the aquarium’s side so the fish can provide a better place for spawning.


Taking care of the fish and breeding them is a very costly thing to do, especially that there are more things to consider than just having a regular fish. To be a good fish breeder is to be mindful and responsible for your duties.

In the end, it’s the result of having healthy, growing fry is the one that will matter.