What Fish Are In Australia? The country of Australia registered to have more than 5,000 fish species and one-fourth of which are said to be endemic. Seafood and aquaculture are two major industries that have been regulated. Fishing for marine and freshwater fish are also popular in this country.

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What fish are in Australia? Murray Cod and Australian bass are two common freshwater fishes that can be found in Australia. They said that Australia had listed 281 species that mostly found in the northern, eastern, and southern parts of their country.

As you read on, you will be able to find that fishes in Australia have some unique fishes that ever existed.

Common Freshwater Fishes

Murray cod and Australian bass are found in Victoria and South Australia and southern Queensland to Gippsland lakes in Victoria, respectively. Both have long elongated bodies, which is why most fishers tend to catch them either to make a pet or food. Because of their big build, both fishes require a lot of patience and a perfect bait if you want to catch them the first time.

It is said that the oldest Murray cod ever lived yet is at 48 years while the Australian bass is at 22 years old. Both have long years of life span. That is why they are considered as two common freshwaters that ever existed in Australia. Australian bass can grow up to 3.0kg and 60-65cm while the Murray cod can grow over 1m and about 249lb in weight.

Other Fishes Found In Australia

Australian Grayling

Australian grayling is one freshwater that you can find in coastal rivers in south-eastern mainland of Australia and Tasmania. It is known to be called a cucumber mullet or cucumber herring because of its cucumber-like odor. They prey on algae, shrimp, and some small insects.

Unlike Murray cod and Australian bass, this fish can only live for about 2-3 years and can be 20 cm in length. It has a long and slender body and has a small conical head. It is said that Australian reproduce during late autumn or early winter. They can produce eggs from 25,00-67,00 females with a 170-200mm long and placed in gravel and cobble in the river until it hatches.

Mary River Cod

This fish has recorded weight of mostly less than 5 kg and 70cm in length and is similar to the Murray cod feature. Both said fishes are both strike-looking golden yellow to dark green or brown and with a dark green to black mottling. Mary River cod can be found in the southern part of Queensland Australia and is now considered one of the most endangered freshwater fishes.

Mary River Cod has a shorter, thicker, and caudal peduncle tail wrist compared to other cod families. Adult river cod are considered carnivores because they eat.


Jardini is a native fish in Australia and Papua New Guinea. This fish has a pearly appearance because of its dark-colored body that has seven rows of scales with reddish and pinkish spots. And that pinkish spot is arranged in a crescent shape at its trailing edge of the scale.

It is recorded that its maximum weight is at 38 lb, but there are also reports that its normal weight is 60lb. Some carnivores consider Jardini fishes because they prey on some aquatic and terrestrial insects, and some small fishes.

Golden Perch

Golden perch are commonly known as yellowbelly, goldens, and callop because of its yellow or gold color. This medium-sized species can be found in the Fitzroy River system in Queensland Australia. It can grow up to 30-40 cm and 1-2 kg in weight.

This species has an elongated laterally compressed body with a sizable mouth that has small to moderate-sized eyes and has a hump above its head. And they prey on smaller fish, microcrustaceans, yabbies, shrimp, frogs, and some aquatic invertebrates.

Best Season To Catch Fish

Australia offers a lot of species, which is why it is best known among fishers from catching tunas, beach fishing, rock fishing, and more. Fishing can be considered a sport, and it can get your stress away or simply enjoy natural beauty at its best. As said, Australia has a wide array of fishes that can be caught. So do not be sad if you won’t be able to catch fish in a short time; remember that patience is a virtue.

Like for Murray cod catching them is best during the open season in December after their three month period of reproducing. While Australian bass is good during night fishing, other than that, wherever you are in Australia, chances are 100% you will get fishes.

Before going into fishing, you need to make sure what baits you are going to use. Make sure that you are using bait based on fish sizes. That is why you must know what fish you are going to catch and where it lived.

Top 5 Ways To Catch Fish In Australia

To easily catch fishes, it is best to utilize the basic ways, which are:

Spinner Baits

What Fish Are In Australia?

Murray Cods lives in warm water habitats from clear, rocky streams to slow-flowing rivers and billabongs. That is why spinnerbaits are effective as they can be used in any river situations because of its heavy timber without snagging.

The spinner bait has different types of blades depends on how the motion of the water is. With slow-flowing current, a Colorado blade should be used as it will sink slowly and hold the fish longer. Willow blade can be used when fast-flowing current is observed because it will catch less water and sink quicker.

Its wire-frame usually bent at around 90 degrees and embedded its base in a bullet with a single hook behind it.

It was first made in 1951 and first manufactured in St. Louise, Missouri.


What Fish Are In Australia?

Swimbaits are one effective way on how to catch a Murray cod. Its appearance may look like an injured fish and is used the first few feet from the surface of the water.

Plastic is heated and molded to create a fish look, especially into a wounded fish. And as it begins to cool, various flavors, scents, dyes, and reflective materials are added to make the final touch. With this, it will look more of a live bait because of its shiny appearance.

Swimbait is usually 4 to 8 inches long, making it perfectly fit when you want to catch a large fish just like cod.

Surface Lure Baits

What Fish Are In Australia?

This type of bait is used to attract fish’s attraction, particularly its movement, vibration, flash, and color. This bait is usually equipped with one or more hooks that help in catching fish when they strike the lure.

There are different sizes of lure bait, depending on how big the fish you are going to catch. Sizes start from 1/2 oz to 2 oz.

Lure baits are made of wood, plastic, rubber, metal cork, and you can also use feathers, animal hair, string, and tinsel.

There are instructional videos that you may find helpful and useful when you want to have a do-it-yourself lure bait.

Soft Plastic

What Fish Are In Australia?

It is known as plastic bait, which is made of plastic-based that is soft, flexible rubber in texture. You can buy a plastic bait depends on its range of colors, sizes, and shapes in particular.

Soft plastics originated in the late 1950s and early 1960s with small worms and grubs that are molded from hard rubber. New generations used solid plastic front half and soft plastic for its tail for more live-action and appearance.

The size of this tool ranges from 60-220mm, perfect for catching a Murray cod. Soft plastic is best used throughout winter or in clear water where there is not much of a heavy timber because it doesn’t snag resistant.

Lipless Crankbait

What Fish Are In Australia?

Lipless crankbait doesn’t have a lip, which makes it more sinkable at a deep part of the water with a side-to-side action. Just like any natural fishes do. It is also known as a rattle bait because of its flat-sided lures that wobble when retrieved.

Most lipless crankbait nowadays contains a knocker, which has a metal weight inside the bait that can go back and forth. Lipless comes in a more variety of colors that match like a shad, perch, or a crawfish.

Lipless was first created in the 1940s, and two popular models have been produced. It also has a wide range of sizes available from 1/4-1 ounce. Usually, the fisherman uses a 1- 2-ounce size when they’re fishing.


In general, Australia has a wide array of fish species, which is why many tourists and fishers love to go fishing there. Though this continent is considered dry, still there are lots of fishes and places this country has to offer. With all those species and baits mentioned, there’s no harm in trying all baits so long as it can catch fishes. Most species now, especially in Australia, are considered endangered. That’s why it’s better to know too when they can reproduce.