What Do Koi Fish Eat? Koi Fish is a domesticated fish that was used for commercial and decorative purposes. While Koi Fish is omnivorous and can eat anything, fish experts produced Koi food with balanced nutrients best for growth and color. In feeding Koi Fish, it is best to select foods based on their age, temperature and season, especially the fact that they do not have a stomach to hold their digestion.

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Hikari Gold Goldfish Food 10.5 Oz – Baby Pellet

What Do Koi Fish Eat

Hikari Gold Goldfish Food is good for young Koi to enhance their growth and color. With the crude protein of 32% and fiber of 3%, it could balance their growth to support their weight gain to avoid fat deposit build-up inside their body. The main ingredient of the feed is Phaffia Dried Yeast which can boost their natural beauty and develop their coloration. Other components of Hikari Gold Goldfish Food grape antioxidant for better digestion, 4% fats and 10% moisture. This has to be fed 2 to 4 times daily.

Laguna All Season Goldfish And Koi Floating Food

What Do Koi Fish Eat

For the summer season, you can feed the Koi Fish with Laguna All Season Goldfish and Koi Floating Food, a high protein formula that does not cloud the water. The balanced nutritional value comprises of 32% protein, amino acids, and other minerals best to fend for their immune system to be stabilized and to improve their growth.

Blue Ridge Koi And Goldfish Food Pellets

What Do Koi Fish Eat

One of the most recommended brands is Blue Ridge Koi and Goldfish Food Pellets, one of America’s top feed suppliers, better for their resistance from the unwanted disease. This pellet is rich in protein of 36% and fiber of 5% to enhance their growth and immune system. It is easily digested and does not pollute water. 

Hikari Wheat-Germ Pellets Pond Fish Food

What Do Koi Fish Eat

Hikari Wheat-Germ Pellets Pond Fish Food has a high Vitamin C production to improve the coloration of the Koi fish. Prioritizing the rapid growth of the Koi, it is not a shock that Hikari has made it in the most competent top feed companies. Unlike Laguna All Season Goldfish and Koi Floating Food which works only during the summer season, Hikari Wheat-Germ Pellets Pond Fish Food works well in any season.

API Pond Fish Food

What Do Koi Fish Eat

API Pond Fish Food also works the same way with the other fish foods mentioned above but what made API Pond Fish Food outshine from the others is its cost affordability. This product also provides great immunization and resistance to disease and helps to make the Koi grow faster.

The “twice a day feeding rule” may not apply to the Koi fish because they are not similar to a regular pond or aquarium fish. They are very delicate as they do not have stomachs. This kind of characteristic would help you think that they have a specific time of diet and temperature because it greatly affects their metabolism.


As a pet Koi fish owner, you have to be outstandingly careful and meticulous in their environment so that they can live a longer lifespan. They are cold-blooded fish and the hotter the temperature, the more energy they burn that could lead them to faster intolerance to hunger.

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