What Color Kayak Is Best For Fishing?

Kayak fishing has been hitting hot in the market lately, and the demand for it has generated some mild debate between anglers on which is the best color for the boat. It will come as a surprise for beginners who are just starting to fishing using their kayak. But trust me, it’s not a hoax, it’s the real deal.

What color kayak is best for fishing? A solid yellow or camo is the best fishing kayak color. A yellow kayak can be seen from a very long distance by other boats or fellow anglers. It is important during bad weather and can inform motorboats to clear your position as they approach.

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You will find out the best color for kayak fishing and its importance in this article. Considering the color will be a big help in terms of your fishing capabilities and overall experience.

Safety First

When getting a kayak, you need to consider the color for its visibility, especially when you are venturing large bodies of water. Color is vital in a kayak to make it highly visible. Avoiding the wrong colors will give you a better experience. White kayaks often are mistaken for a surf or a crashing wave. Then red kayaks disappear more quickly in the absence of light. Even blue kayaks can be hard to tell the difference from blue ocean waters as well as light to dark green boats.

To appear to be visible, it is advisable to go with bright colors. A solid yellow is a pretty good example, as well as lime green or bright orange. From a very distant, they can be seen and can reflect more light.

If you already have a kayak and it falls in the wrong color, adding a hint of color in the design aspect of it will be helpful for your safety. Just add in some bright orange or lime green flag to be raised above the craft for visibility.

Fish And Colors

According to experts, not all colors can be seen by aquatic fishes, but they can react to shadows. Some kayakers like to have a blue bottom that can be blend perfectly into the water. Considering the weather, a white bottom on a kayak may be less visible than the dark ones, especially during a sunny day. When you want to go fishing near the beach, a sand-colored bottom is a perfect disguise for the bottom of your kayak.

Some fishermen, when trying to secure a huge amount of catch, they prefer darker or camo colored kayaks, this is because they do not want to have enough competition around them. And they raise flags when a problem arises.


Overall, a bright-colored kayak will always be your best shot when you want to try kayak fishing. It is colorful but, at the same time, a good option for your safety. Going in for darker hues will be challenging to find in the ocean and can lead to minor to major accidents. Therefore, look for brighter hues, and you’ll be able to enjoy your fishing without jeopardizing your safety.