Best Fish to Eat

Eating different kinds of cooked fish has become a tradition for most Filipinos. Fish is a more accessible food to prepare than meat, such as pork, chicken, and beef.

Usually, fish is one of the most preferred foods for all occasions since it has a varied taste from one fish species to another. Also, it contains less cholesterol, and it can add more benefits to a healthy lifestyle.

In the Philippines, fish are prepared with different varieties of cooking styles. Since Filipinos love to enhance their favorite food, fish is widely used and served on different occasions.

You can find several fish species that are good to eat in the Philippines. This article will get a list of good fish in the Philippines and why you may like them.

Fish Species That You Should Try When Visiting the Philippines


One of the commonly known fish species in the Philippines and worldwide is tuna, and it is among the easiest and most popular fish to serve for all occasions with a different cooking style.

While tuna is a popular and relatively cheap fish, it is also popularly served in high-class restaurants because of its rich taste.


Lapu-Lapu is mainly known in higher-end restaurants, becoming the prized fish. It has a lot of health benefits.

In most of Pinoy’s reviews, Lapu-Lapu is a one-of-a-kind meaty and satisfying fish. It can be cooked in several styles: roasting, topping with sauce, steamed with soy sauce, or Cantonese-style. It is also made with hamfish, which is recommended for any additive foods.

The Apahap Fish

It is one of the fish that are considered fashionable. Since it has a huge impact worldwide, people expect to like it more. This fish is considered a great alternative since it came from Asian See Bass. It, therefore, is called barramundi.

It’s a little bit fatty and meaty. Most Italians create a simple way of cooking it, like adding lemon and herbs and roasting it in the oven.


It is a humble little fish, and it became the local sardines with a spectacular taste. The research revealed that women are more favored to eat, and it pairs perfectly with hot rice and a little spicy vinegar.


Dilis is a smaller fish that became more popular than tamban. The cost is affordable in the market, so many Japanese restaurants always have a good supply of it.

It is usually served as a snack, which prepares you for your meal. It has perfect taste when you put a little garlic on it and pair it with classic Pinoy rice, and it also brings a unique taste when mixed with some noodle dishes.

Maya Maya Fish

It is famously known as snapper and is another unique fish with a white-fleshed texture. It is rare, and the cost of this fish is also quite expensive compared to other fish.


Bangus is also known as milkfish, one of the popular fishes in the Philippines. Industries are firmly devoted to removing the annoying bones.

In many restaurants, their technique is to marinate with vinegar, garlic and fry it crispy. After frying, it has been considered Pinoy’s comfort food.


Tilapia is the most abundant fish that can be easily farmed, and it has also become a common alternative fish in the Philippines. It takes more time to prepare and to cook, from grilling to filleting and adding coconut milk.

It can sometimes be added to spicy fries and fry it extra crispy. It is a fish that is versatile in giving an excellent taste to fish lovers.

Sometimes, if you don’t know how to cook this fish, you can approach the vendor in the market and advise how to cook it. You can also search the web on how to prepare this fish.

Additional Information You Need to Know

The fish mentioned above are the top fish species that are consumed in the Philippines. These fish are safe to eat, and they provide a wide range of health and economic benefits for Filipinos.

These fish are also used in manufacturing different fish products by a spectrum of food companies. Among the examples of fish products that you can find are canned sardines, tuna, and seasonings.

For this reason, it denotes the vital roles of the fishermen to keep these fish species sustainable and high-quality. With the increasing demand for healthy and safe fish sources, the fish industry works hard to meet the needs of consumers.

Furthermore, many international brands have become interested in these fish species. Several countries around the world are importing from the Philippines to offer a variety of fish.


When visiting the country, make sure to try these fish. They are unique in taste and texture that you can use to experiment with a tasty dish.

If you are into seafood, include the fish you can eat in the Philippines to change your diet. If you are curious about how each of these tastes, why not try them today?