Fishing Accessories

Fishing is catching fish for recreational and commercial purposes. Fishing also includes catching other sea creatures such as mollusks and crustaceans.

According to the Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations, there are an estimated 38 million fishermen and fish farmers worldwide. Fishing is claimed to be the primary source of income, apart from farming.

There are three sectors in the fishing industry: commercial, traditional, and recreational.

The commercial sector consists of those who use fishing as a primary source of income, and the traditional sector consists of those whose resources and traditions came from fishing. The recreation sectors are those who use it as a hobby or sport.

Importance of Fishing

More than 1 billion people around the world get most of their protein nutrients from fish. More than 250 million people live on the coast and depend on fish-related activities, like fish processing, for example.

Improving fish productivity has been raised as a global concern, especially in today’s climate, with fish being intoxicated due to human waste. There are laws in some countries to make certain methods of fishing illegal.

Fishing Techniques

Fishing is playing mind games with fish while studying their sensory physiology, characteristics, feeding pattern, spawning season, and many other things.

A good fisherman can study the type of fish in specific lakes and rivers and then target them according to the techniques mentioned below.

Here is the list of some techniques used in fishing:


Gathering seafood by hand is possible, and it does not require much effort. One great example is pearl diving, which focuses on harvesting oysters to get pearls.

When they take out the pearl from the oysters, some fishermen close the oysters and throw them back to the water to produce more pearls. Some choose to sell oysters to the seafood markets.


Spearfishing is a method of fishing used during early civilization until now. For this method, there is no other equipment needed except for a sharpened stick.

For today’s times, they added some alternatives such as spearguns and slings specialized in targeting fish. It can be done while scuba diving and snorkeling.

The prominence of spearfishing is disappearing in today’s times because of technology making catching fish easier.

However, spearfishing is the most ideal because it is harmless to the fish’s habitat. Spearfishing may require less equipment, but there are many types that a fisherman can use.


A speargun is the main equipment used in spearfishing. Its design is specialized to launch a spear at the target fish. There are two kinds of spearguns: pneumatic and rubber-band powered spears.

JBL Carbine Series Spearfishing Spearguns

A 4-star product that comes with a steel trigger mechanism is a perfect deal in spearfishing. It is made of aerospace-grade aluminum, and it costs between $72.00 to $129.95.

Cressi Apache Aluminum Speargun

Another 4-star product is made of a heavy-duty sealed aluminum barrel. This speargun targets small to medium fish, the best gear for beginners.

It comes along with scuba diving and snorkeling equipment and has an advanced Tahitian-style flopper shaft.

Mares Bandit Sling Band Speargun

With a price of $93.95, this product holds a super-speed power slings best for expert-leveled spears.

It also features an Australian rigging with Dyneema’s wishbone for precautionary measures. This design is available in various sizes, from 55 mm to 120 mm.

Pole Spears

They come in various shapes, sizes, and components. Its main components are either aluminum or carbon fiber that can be folded together for portability.

Interestingly, a sports competition happened in 1951 where Charlie Sturgill won over those who were using spearguns while he was using a common pole spear.

Spearfishing Traveler Pole Spear

These three different pole spears can be interchangeable and are portable when traveling. The measurement of these poles is 6′ 7″ and is made of aluminum aircraft to be tolerant.

It is ranked as #61 in ice fishing. On a side note, no one can resell the product, meaning this product has to be sold directly to you.

Scuba Choice 5′ Travel Spearfishing

What made Scuba Choice 5 appealing to the masses is the cost-friendly price of $48.20 and three-prong paralyzer tips. This pole spear is good for either beginner or intermediate-leveled spearfishers.

Weight Vest

Commonly known as a weight belt, it helps the diver descend into the waters for better diving. When the belt loosens up, it will immediately ascend you back to the surface.


The method casts away the net to the shallow sea, waiting for a couple of minutes and then pulling back the net to the shore. This method has been proven effective in most countries to get many fish and other kinds of seafood in one netting.

Until now, people are still using this method. There are many techniques for netting, like casting nets, drifting nets, Gillnets, and hand nets.

Casting Nets

Among all netting techniques, this method has been massively used by fishermen and is, by far, the most basic of them all.

When the fishermen throw the net, they will let it sink in the water for a couple of minutes and then haul it back when they feel fish are pulling the net.

The net radius is only between 4 and 15 feet, and once the nets are full of fish, it requires a lot of manpower to carry the net back to the boat. The handline is attached to the net, which is held while casting the net into the water.

When the net is being hauled back, a retrieval clamp will close the net, trapping all the fish inside. By then, fishermen can lift the net and release the clamp.

Drift Nets

Drift netting is a technique for catching tunas and sardines and has a wider net than the casting nets. It is hung vertically without any anchor while the floaters support them.

This method is monitored by big ships, and the net is allowable until 1.5 nautical miles. In the 1960s, the net size could be limitless.

Still, due to overexploitation of fish that may cause fish drought, the US implemented a law called “Driftnet Impact, Monitoring, Assessment, and Control Act.”

Unfortunately, the drift net method is caught in so many controversies because even non-targeted fish are being caught, like sharks, sea birds, whales, and dolphins.

This only provokes the UN to limit drift nets’ usage to minimize the discarded fish and improve the fish population.

Also, since drift nets are left in days, fish can get trapped in them, and other air-breathing mammals cannot grasp for air and cannot free themselves.

During the 1990s, there were more than 30,000 tons of sharks that were exploited annually. Instead of fishing for swordfish, they discovered to have killed 32 blue sharks, two hammerhead sharks, a manta ray, and a sea lion.

Over the years, fish stocks have been decreasing because of illegal fishing activities, especially in the Mediterranean Sea, considered the most exploited sea in the world.

Hand Net

This method is used in shallow waters and is called a scoop net or dip net. This is great for catching muskellunge and other fish comfortable with surface water. A hand net has a long handle called a dip net and a net basket opened by the hoop. 


Angling is the technique that uses the fish hook attached to the mainline while the line is attached to the fishing rod.

This is a traditional way of fishing used today; only some improvements to ease the effort, like the fishing reel. Angling is used in many forms of fishing, be it recreational, sport, or commercial purposes.

Fishing Rod

This is a long, flexible stick-like rod to catch fish. The length varies in size from 4 feet to 15 feet. At the end of the line is the hook with bait to entice the fish to go nearer.

KastKing WideEye Walleye Fishing Rods

A 5′ 6″ long fishing rod is perfect for small to medium fish. KastKing brings its hypersensitivity and extreme power, perfect for heavy fish. The set comprises a spinning rod fishing guide, a K-Frame Fuji Tangle, a bait caster, and spinning rods and TCS for casting.

Although this is jam-packed with power, it is lightweight. Also, it highlights the sensitive Toray IM9 for powerful landing. With all its features, it is no wonder that KastKing was awarded the prestigious ICAST as one of the top-selling rods and reels of 2018.

Tica Bass and Walleye Casting Fishing Rod

The raw material of this rod is the high modulus graphite that can create extreme action power during your fishing adventures. Although this is made specifically for walleye anglers, it can also be used to hunt medium-sized fish.

Specifications of an Angler

When choosing the best angler, research the specs and features, including power, action, lure, line weight, and the number of fish. The power value of the fishing rod usually depends on the weight and what kind of fish it may be used for.

For example, ultra-light to light anglers are best in catching small fish, and ultra-heavy fish are more suitable for deep-sea fishing, like walleyes and other heavyweight fish.

The action does not necessarily mean extreme adventure while catching fish. Instead, it refers to the type of speed when the rod returns to its neutral position. You may be able to know the action of the rod based on the bending curve.

The best angler is the one that can maintain and deliver resistance. The rod is used as a hurl by resisting the physics between the bait and the rod.

When fighting a stronger fish, a good angler can adjust to a level where it relaxes most of the tension. But bending the rod will also add constant pressure to the fish, making the angler catch the fish in no time when the fish is tired from fighting all the pressure.

Types of Fishing Rod

Carbon fiber rods are stiffer than glass fiber and may not be used in heavy fishing because they can be broken when misused. However, carbon fiber rods are long-lasting and fast rods.

Tenkara Rods is widely used in Japan for Tenkara fishing or mountain stream fishing. They are usually ultra-light, meant to catch smaller lightweight fish, and have telescopic rods to be taken anywhere.

Tenkara is more of a traditional method wherein no reel is being used but a rod with a hook attached to the line’s end.

Fish Hook

Another piece of angler equipment is the fish hook that can impale the fish in the mouth by hooking up the lures at the end of the hook. Surprisingly, the fish hook was hailed as one of the most interesting things that happened since the occurrence of men.

Just like the fishing rod, hooks also come in different types and sizes. Hooks vary in size, material, and point for different styles of application.


The Chatterbait, also called the bladed jigs, is a popular fishing lure method for bass fishermen because of its versatile use in any position.

During the pre-spawn season, chatter bait is best to lure female bass before getting ready for the spawning ritual by luring her lipless crankbaits.

During the spawning season, you can use the bladed swim jig as a search bait, and after spawning season, the female bass strike out to another location, so you can use the chatter baits to intercept their direction.

Most anglers prefer to use artificial lures. In choosing artificial baits, they have to use those that can imitate the natural baits and create vibration in the waters. The best natural baits are leeches, worms, minnows, and frogs.

Yamamoto Zako Swimbait

Gary Yamamoto Zako Swimbait was branded as one of the most natural-looking bait. It is available in various colors and is designed to have a shad-like belly.

This bait stands out from the rest because the natural-looking tail has ridges to cause a tight swimming action, creating vibration underwater and luring in fish to take the bait.

Missle Bait Twin-Tail Plastic Bait

Another versatile bait is the Missle Bait Twin-Tail Plastic Bait, which includes stiff-arm support to move across the waters naturally. The body configuration is like a scorpion that has two hookups and a body. This trailer has two designs called the Bummer Craw and the Watermelon Red. 

Zoom Super Chunk

This trailer boasted its natural flapping legs that could stimulate more vibration. Zoom Baits are patented with salt impregnated features with good water displacement, meaning it can afford you extra time to have more catch because fish are attracted to it.

Zoom Bait Fat Albert Twin Tail

Zoom Fat Albert Twin Tail Bait ranked number one for being the most recommended trailer in the world of the sport of fishing. Fat Albert Twin Tail Bait has the same features as immense vibration underwater, a natural-like imitation of live baits, and a salt-integrated feature.

Berkley Havoc Pit Boss Bait

Berkley is one of the most recommended fishing bait in the fishing industry. With the trust they have established, it is no wonder that they became high-end gear that no fisherman can resist.

It is packed in sets of eight and made of high-quality materials to help you attract more fish. Also, it has a pro-designed-skeet for more dynamic fishing.

Fishing as a Hobby

Fishing is an outlet for recreation, often used as a father and son bonding time primarily in the US. It is a priceless extra-curricular activity between families where they can be relaxed and challenged at the same time.

Stress Relief

It’s high time to relax in a vast ocean or a preserved mountain reservoirs, and the slow and calming pace of the waters can give you peace of mind from the reality of this world.

In fishing, when you get a trophy fish that you can boast to anyone, it’s an achievement, but you’ll also learn how nature prioritizes its creatures too.


Whether it is friends or family bonding, fishing should be added to the list of ways to socialize.

In this world full of modernization, pollution, and elite camaraderie, it is a good idea to go out in nature with people you love to be with and enjoy fishing without having to worry about the hastiness of this world.

By going fishing, you can develop a strong bond with one another and get peace away from all the noises and tensions in the office or our homes.

Health Benefits

An urban life gives us material and financial luxury, but it cannot give us the luxury of genuine happiness and a well-balanced mind. We live in a world full of air and noise pollution, so visiting a world where the harmonic sounds of waves are your only concern is therapeutic.

This will also help you improve your physical strength, especially when trying to fight with the fish you want to seize.


When you go fishing, and it is successful, you get pleasure out of it. When you go home with a lot of fish in your bucket and see your children astounded by your catch, the joy that they feel will bounce back to you.

Many character traits develop, like patience and being diligent.

Fishing as a Culture

Throughout history, fishing has been a primary source of income and food. That’s because most of the proteins that we get come from fish.

In the Bible, fishing is one of the common jobs throughout Israel. When he says, “I will make you fishers of men,” he uses an analogy for fishing, but he describes that they can win the souls of men and disciple them.

The fish-like image became one of the symbols for Christianity for soul-winning. The Greek word for fish is ichthus, which represents Jesus.

Another famous story in the Bible is the story of Jonah, and a prophet swallowed by a giant fish after he was tossed overboard by a group of fishermen.

Three days later, Jonah was vomited out by the fish and later found out that he was in the place he hated the most.

In Mesopotamia, fish offerings have to be given to the God named Enki, whom they believed to be the god of water. They were usually kept in the cylinder to be offered at the altar later on.

Lastly, in Buddhism, fish is the symbol of happiness as they are the only creatures with independence in the water. In Japan and China, their national animals include the Koi Fish, which brings good luck and fortune to the owner.

International Laws for Fishing

Because of some individuals and private companies’ abusive nature regarding fishing, many international laws were being imposed to stop the abuse and penalize those who have offended the law.

Examples of such laws are the agreement between Norway, Iceland, and Russia concerning the area where they are allowed to fish that was implemented on July 15, 1999.

To preserve and ensure their long-term relationship with neighboring countries, they also promote responsible fishing among their countrymen and conduct extensive scientific research.

They should comply with the conservation of fishing management represented by their vessels with their flags out.

Bluefin tuna is one of the most delectable tunas in the world. However, due to people’s disregard for their decreasing population, international laws step in to implement the law in countries like Australia, Japan, and New Zealand where tunas migrate.

Imposed on May 20, 1994, every country mentioned above should recognize the importance of why they should conserve the southern bluefin tuna through responsible fishing and providing honest statistics of fish to secure relevant happenings and information regarding southern bluefin tuna.

In the Philippines, there are more illegal fishing methods like Muro-Ami, a fishing method taught by the Japanese, to capture fish by spreading the net into an arc around coral reefs using a synthetic material called Serosca.

This would damage the coral reefs, and it would take many years to restore their beauty. Because of the destructive result, the law banning this was decreed on August 14, 2000.

There is a need to sort things legally through the International Court Justice and International Tribunal for the Sea Law for international disputes and settlements regarding fish-related cases.

They are the instruments of fish development and welfare, and all laws regarding fishing should be submitted unto them before it is fully imposed.

It is a sad reality that some people are taking too much effort for their self-interest when fishing has to be equally given to everyone.

However, we must appreciate the efforts of our lawmakers in preventing the worst things that may happen in the fishing environment because many livelihoods would be affected if there was still no discipline imposed from country to country.


Fishing is not only about feeding society but also about balancing the needs of both humans and fish.

Fishing is a lifestyle that no one should overlook because it can feed many people. Still, some laws limit us to preserve the balance of nature and the fish’s contribution to society and culture.

The most important thing to remember is always treating nature with respect it deserves because that’s the only way we can live. That means never doing something illegal that may forfeit or limit our blessings.