Bass Scents

The use of plastic lures and many scented attractants is becoming more popular with American anglers who fish for bass. If a scent or smell can give you an extra bite, it is worth exploring the best options in the market.

Bass can smell scented lures from long distances, and they avoid objects that don’t smell attractive.

What smells are bass attracted to? Bass likes natural scents like salt, anise, and garlic. They also like the smell of Aquatic Nutrition Mojo Menhaden Oil, Smelly Jelly, and Bass Assassin Bang Fish Attractant Trigger Spray, to name a few.

This article will better understand how smell works for bass and how to do fish smell in general. As you go deeper, you will find out the top attractant products in the market today too.

Smell And Scents For Bass

Fishing bass is a known hobby for most anglers, and the king of freshwater fish is the most prized trophy any anglers are reaching for.

One of the most popular basses is the Largemouth Bass, and it is a species that can be seductive, smart, and the subject of many fish stories all over the world.

There are plenty of tricks or by-the-book approaches to capture them, and using smell and scent is one of them.

Plenty of research shows some fish are drawn to chemical sources even if it is hundreds of yards away. It also shows that many fish can recognize the smell of aquatic plants and other fish in the same school.

It is also known that fish can smell 1000 times better than your dog, and as they get older, their sense of smell improves.

Bait Scent

Bait scent is essential to many anglers because it helps them attract fish like the bass. Many professional anglers believe that natural formula should be used on soft lures, making a huge difference in their bites.

Many experiments and tests show that a natural flavor on soft lures or rubber worms can give a more enticing and extended experience.

In response to the positive smell, many basses generally will hold on to a worm that emanates a positive scent for a longer period.

As a result, it will give you the advantage of setting a good hook and a higher chance of catching the bass. Most bass is naturally attracted to scents like garlic, anise, and salt.

If you are looking for more specifics, a Crawfish Natural Scent is always on top of the list in many anglers. Once you get a bite, most bass will hold on to it and refuse to give up.

These kinds of scents are used in soft lures that are already in the box found in most of your favorite lures and considered to be Natural Scents.

If you are planning to use a spinnerbait or many soft lures, you should consider using only naturally flavored sprayed on or applied in a way that it stays long. Salt is a natural flavor of blood.

So, it makes sense for many fishermen to use it because the scent and taste will taste and smell like a dead fish.

Scents To Attract Bass

If you are looking for some attractants or specific scents, you might want to visit your local angler shop in your area.

Many anglers believe that natural formula should always be your priority in most of your lures, and it is because it makes sense in the end as you are getting more and more bites after applying any scent or attractants.

There is plenty of research and tests done with natural flavor on these scents and attractants, and they are proven to be helpful. Here are some of the top brands in the market worth checking out:

Aquatic Nutrition Mojo Menhaden Oil

Aquatic Nutrition Mojo Menhaden Oil is worth checking. But it is worth mentioning that scent is not a magic cure-all that will help you make the fish bite any time.

Adding scent like this menhaden oil to your lure in the middle of a blitz of small is not going to make a 50-pounder appear. But it helps as it attracts them from their covers and gives you a higher chance of getting a bite than none.

Smelly Jelly

Smelly Jelly is one of the most popular fish attractants out there, and it is from a brand that lives up to its expectation. It has excellent branding and has a wide range of variety of flavors.

It is why it has become one of the best attractants there is. It includes salmon, anise, bass, and even a garlic scent, known to be very effective for fishing bass.

Smelly Jelly is known to stay active longer than any of its competitors, which is a huge advantage, so you don’t have to re-apply them now and then.

Berkley Gulp! Alive! Attractant

Berkley is a well-known brand famous for its attractants, and it just shows because you can see two products from this brand on this list.

This kind of attractant makes any bait that you taste and smell alive, and it uses the scent and flavors of popular prey.

It is easier to apply from the trigger spray bottle as it eliminates the issue of getting it all over your hands. As a result, it enhances the effectiveness of your soft bait, hard bait, and even live bait.

Berkley Powerbait

Another product from Berkley is this Berkley Powerbait, and it comes for the Powerbait line of fish attractant.

It comes in a wide variety of flavors, including catfish, panfish, trout, walleye, and, most importantly, bass. It is a powerful attractant and can enhance your lure and live bait.

Berkeley Powerbait assures you that most bass will hold their bite up to 10 times longer. As a result, you will have more success in capturing any bass you like.

The only downside of this product is that it comes in a flip-top bottle, and it can get quite messy when trying to use it.

Liquid Mayhem

Liquid Mayhem is one of the top fish attractants, according to many anglers. It is packed with the most incredible scent and flavor, and it has a proper appeal because it is made from natural bait.

As a result, many anglers choose this product because it has proven effective. Liquid Mayhem took a natural bait, mashed it up, and made a gel out of it as it comes in a potent, extremely sticky gel consistency.

You can never beat this one as it hands onto your lure correctly, and it isn’t easy to make this stuff come off. Even if you cast like 20 times more, you will still see it visible on your fishing lure.

It is no exaggeration, but they also come in different flavors. It includes minnow scent, garlic, crawfish, shad, leech, panfish, nightcrawler, and anise.

Baitmate Classic

Baitmate Classic is another natural attractant, and it uses natural fish oils to create a scent that is very hard to resist by many basses. Anise oils can cover any undesirable scents that can turn away fish.

Meanwhile, the fish pheromone found in this attractant stimulates the fish you are trying to catch. As a result, it triggers its predatory instinct, and it will surely bite on your bait.

Baitmate Classic offers different flavors like bass, catfish, crappie, and panfish. So it is an all-around attractant to store in your tackle box.

Fishsticks Lure Enhancer

When it comes to Fishsticks Lure Enhancer, you will reap its benefits because it is liquid-free, and it means it comes in a stick like your lip balm, and it is much less messy and easier to apply to most of your tackle gears.

You can expect to enjoy two flavors like crawfish and shad, and these two smells can attract bass when you fish them. They are popular because it is made from real fish and have been used by many anglers who like to fish bass.

Bass Assassin Bang Fish Attractant Trigger Spray

This brand is one of the top picks by many anglers in the United States because it uses non-synthetic materials. Bass Assassins have created an attractant product rendered and made from real fish.

As a result, it will give you natural concentrated oils and make an excellent attractant. Not only that, this product is perfect for fishing largemouth bass, and it can also work if you are trying to fish rainbow trout.

It has a crawfish formula that is properly tested and is mainly used in many competitive bass fishing events. For this reason, it is recommended by most anglers because it is the best one-bass attractant.

It also comes with a spray bottle, so you won’t have to worry about making a mess in the application.


To conclude, many anglers believe that certain smells attract bass in general. You should be investing in one of these bass attractants as it increases your chance of catching a trophy bass.

Always remember to consider the type of attractant and scent you need and the environmental impact it could have.