Should Axolotls Be Kept In Pairs?

Axolotls are not a typical pet but rather a unique one. They can identify with a variety of colors like black, golden, grey, albino, and with black eyes too. If you are planning to own a pet for the first time and decided to have an axolotl, it is okay. It is because most people say that it is easy to care for.

Should Axolotls be kept in pairs? You can keep a pair of axolotls as long as they are the same size. Because if not, they tend to eat smaller amphibians thinking it’s their food.

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If you want to know if axolotls can live in one tank, you are in the right place. But there are also factors that you need to consider, which you can learn below.

Two Axolotls In One Tank

Some of you may ask, especially those a first-time pet owner, if they can keep them in pairs. The answer is yes, as long as you take into consideration their sizes. Yes, sizes play a significant role in this pairing team. Sometimes, it’s better too to have two axolotls with the same age or sex.

You can also keep two axolotls with different sex, who knows with this, a baby axolotl may be on the way. But when this happens, make sure that you remove the baby axolotl before they prey on it. Remember that as long as it fits into their mouth, they consider it their food.

Most Axolotls can reach up to 10 inches in length, and some may reach up to 12 inches. But the 12 inches length is rare. To guide you further, axolotls reach their sexual maturity when they are about 8 inches in length.

Habitat For Two Adult Axolotls

Axolotls are quite large, that’s why it’s better to prepare a fish tank with a size of 15 to 20 gallons. If you decide to have axolotls in pairs, it’s apparent that you need bigger than the suggested size. It is also recommended that you shouldn’t have their tank full of water. Remember that the water should be deeper than the axolotls full length.

Two adults can be together, but make sure their cannibalistic trait won’t interfere. And since axolotls can have a better vision at night, it’s better if you keep their room away from light. Meaning, a flash of special lighting is not recommended.

Foods For Axolotls

Since you have two Axolotls in one tank, feeding them can be difficult. For this reason, make sure that they get the same treatment feeding them. You can give them reptile food such as large earthworms and a frozen bloodworms cube. They can also eat frozen shrimp, pieces of beef, and chicken.

Tubifex worms, small strips of the liver, and fish pellets can also be their food. It is not ideal to feed them with live food like feeder fish because they might get fish diseases and parasites.


In summary, you can keep two axolotls in one tank without harming each other. But you need to remember that you can’t put two axolotls that differ in sizes. Since there are two in one tank, you need to adjust the size of the tank based on their sizes. Remember that the bigger the size, the happier they get, and they won’t feel.