Breeding Aquarium Fish

Many aquarists are taking advantage of their passion for income, and no one can blame them because fish can be high-maintenance at times.

Keeping fish is indeed an expensive hobby, and if you’re too passionate to make an effort to buy their expenses, it is also not a bad idea to make a living out of it. After all, you may need the money to purchase a bigger aquarium.

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Things To Consider


You’re not alone who wanted to earn out of passion, and you don’t have to be surprised at how many are you in the competition. Unfortunately, it’s a challenging ride for beginners because there’s a lot of fish being raised commercially on a large industrial scale.

To make matters worse, there are huge local fish shops that are selling for the same thing. But if you’re going to breed fish for extra income, that may depend on your location and how much risk you are willing to go.

Breed Your Favorite Fish

Since you’ve already decided to go through the flow of competition, it is time for you to determine what kind of fish you would like to breed. So far, the marketable fish are guppies, goldfish, and platies, which are easier to breed.

Check in the local market what’s selling and what’s not, then start breeding depending on the market’s demand, and you can also post it online like craigslist or eBay.

Breeding The Odds

If you want to sell out interesting fish, you have to break the barrier of focusing on what’s different in the market or something not found in the local market yet.

Some examples would be exotic-looking fish, like pufferfish and blind cave tetras. There’s an incredible demand all over the internet, but they can be rare too.

Breeding Live Foods

If the fish business is not going well for you, how about breeding live food instead, like micro worms, blackworms, or wingless fruit flies. There is a bigger market for fish foods compared to breeding a fish because fish foods are essential to the health of the fish.

When they eat live foods instead of commercialized frozen foods, that only means that you’re giving your pet fish most of the nutrition they need.

Do Not Quit Your Job If Business Is Unstable

Breeding fish can be fun and exciting. However, you have to be practical. You don’t have to quit your job if this turns out to be successful because this is a temporary setback. Without any job on hand will make it difficult for you to cope up with the budget.


It’s pretty easy to do the things you love, but you have to consider what you need to prepare. Thanks to all the social media platforms, you can post in groups and on pages about the fish you are selling, but it would take a lot of hard work to get to the top of your game.