How Do You Fly Fish On A Float Tube?

Fishers commonly use the float tube, also known as an inflatable fishing vessel for a particular type of fishing. Fishing includes fly-fishing for trout and bass fishing, and it helps them reach the unreachable part of the water. It is advisable to use small ponds and isolated lakes in the backcountry but not on rivers, especially when there is a strong current.

How do you fly fish on a float tube? When using a float tube while fly fishing, remember these important things: use a longer rod, plan your spot, and dress appropriately, this will help you have a successful fishing experience.

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As you continue to read on, you will learn ways on how to fly fish using a float tube. It will also tackle things like the advantages and disadvantages of using fly tubes, proper outfit to wear and other importance of using it.

Ways Of Fly Fishing On A Float Tube

  1. Use a longer rod – Unlike wading, using a float tube when fishing with a fly is not going to offer you the same range of motion. That’s why when using a longer rod, it’ll help you stay on your spot without having much movement that might scare the fish.
  2. Plan your spot – before you go fly fishing on a float tube, make sure to set in mind and plan thoroughly where you’re best at. And two factors, like current and wind, will make you decide and plan on where to have the best spot is.
  3. Dress appropriately – though it is advisable to wear waders, there are some tips on what to wear properly together with it. When the water is cold, you won’t have your protection. That’s why it’s better to wear thick sports leggings and pants under a wader. You can also wear thick socks and a knit cap while wearing gloves is not advisable because it gets wet easily.

Other Ways Of Float Tube When Fly Fishing


It is vital that before you get in your float tube, make sure that you have easy access to the lake. It is best that you use your legs when pushing the boat off and should at least spend 30 minutes to be able to feel comfortable with this kind of set-up.

Know how to spin the tube in the water, and how to rock back and forth with ease. It would make it easier for you to cast and land fish more efficiently. At first, it’s going to seem weird, but at the end of the day, you’ll get used to the tube, like it is an extension of your body.

Keep Calm

When it’s your first-time fly-fishing using a float tube, you should keep your mind to what you’re doing. Sometimes, when you get nervous, it’s hard to keep your hook away from the tube, but there’s nothing to worry about; it’ll not danger you. However, if you are still not convinced, try buying float tubes that have big pockets that can carry your life vest.

Exit Safe Plan

While you’re preparing to go offshore, look for a safe exit because it will help get offshore easily whenever the situation is not good. You don’t want to have a lifetime maneuvering, so better have yourself at least an hour to familiarize yourself with the spot you’re fishing.

Advantages Of Float Tube

There are two types of float tubes that are most common with the fishermen: the V or U-Boat Tube and the round type. The advantage of having a round tube is that it is easy to transport. Also, fishers find it easy to paddle with. You can use either your hip or your knees, which is way different from the case with a U or V-boat.

Meanwhile, the advantage of using a U or V-boat is that there is no need for you to go to the hole with their flippers. And with this, it will help you move freely and faster than using a round tube. Fortunately, there come different styles you can choose from in the physical stores or online for every user.

Disadvantages Of Float Tube

Some claim that there are two main disadvantages of having a round float tube. First is that you can’t travel with ease as they have lots of plain surface water when you move. And the second disadvantage is that big people tend to have difficulties going in and out of it easily.

Things You Need When Fly Fishing On Float Tube


If you’re going to fly fishing on a floating boat, don’t forget to carry your waders because they can help you stay dry. You can even attach more layers of clothes to help keep you dry, much as when you’re in tiny ponds and lakes.


Swim fins are an excellent idea to get because it will help you roam around the water. It will serve as your power and steering tool to go whenever you would want to go fishing next.

Fishing Net

Though this is not needed, still it can help you land a fish and then you can set it loose when you don’t want it. Or if you can put it on your stringer for future consumption. If you are planning to get one, make sure to buy a soft rubber mesh or a nylon type of net. 

Is Float Tube Safe To Use?

Many first time fishers would wonder if a float tube is safe to use when fishing. Surprisingly, the answer is yes. However, though it is safe to use it is still essential that you should have these some safety tips in mind:


When you decide to buy a float tube, you need to consider its weight capacity. About this, it is not just about your weight but also the accessories that you will be needing when fishing. The weight ability of the float tube depends on the quality of materials used to create the tube float. If you are of normal weight, you can select either style, but if you are a little heavy, you may prefer the pontoon tubes. It is because they can hold more weights than the regular inner tubes or U tubes.

Strength Of The Tube

You ought to worry about the strength of the float tube to remain safe from falling into the water. You should purchase float tubes constructed with solid and durable materials. Unless the fabrics are not abrasion-free and are not resistant to rips and shred, you’re likely to be in danger while on the water. To prevent tears when rubbing against abrasive materials, you can use rip-stop fabrics as one of the best fabrics to protect your float tubes.

Practice First

The padding of a floating tube needs preparation. It can be risky for any beginner to go fishing without some practice. Riding and manipulating a floating tube is a simple job, but you need to get used to it. You need to bear in mind that it’s not like a kayak or some other boat that is technologically beautifully designed.


In general, fly fishing on a float tube is one effective way of catching fish but in a different approach. It may sound and look different compared to other boats, but it still uses the same tools for fishing. And though it’s safe to use a float tube while fishing, always remembers some tips that will help you keep safe. Yes, it may sound exciting using float tubes, but always remember that you should also consider safety when fishing.