How Do Betta Fish Sleep? All fish, including betta fish, sleep. But just like other animals, these creatures do not tuck themselves into bed to get a good sleep at night. Fish are mainly nocturnal, meaning they are active at night and sleep during the day time. Betta fish are also nocturnal. They sleep during the day and hunts for food at night.

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Now the question is, how do they sleep? Betta fish don’t have lids, so when they sleep, they can’t close their eyes. For this reason, knowing whether they are asleep or not is quite tricky.

Determine If Your Betta Fish Is Sleeping

While most fish are nocturnal, you can assume that some Betta fish get real rest right after shutting the light in their tanks. You can observe them being inactive under a low-light to dark environments then finds a comfortable area to rest.

Light can wake up Betta fish, so expect to see your pet active again once you switch on the tank light. For those people who want to give their Betta fish a convenient environment to live, a fish tank that comes with LED lighting is ideal.

Here are some of the best fish tanks with LED lights you can find:

Koller Products AquaView 360 Fish Tank

How Do Betta Fish Sleep

This 360 fish tank from Koller Products is an excellent addition to your home décor. While giving a healthy environment for your Betta fish to live at, it also comes with convenient and safe LED lighting that helps to the sleep of your pet.

Unlike other fish tanks, AquaView 360 is composed of impact-resistant plastic. It is very clear, allowing a beautiful display of your betta.

Tetra LED Half Moon Betta Aquarium

How Do Betta Fish Sleep

If you are not pleased with the circular shape of the AquaView, Tetra LED Half Moon Betta Aquarium is ideal for you. The flat surface behind this tank allows you to place it against a divider or a wall.

Just like AquaView, it is also composed of clear durable plastic and is integrated with LED lights to show off the beauty of your betta.

Do Betta Fish Nap?

Humans and some animals nap, how about Betta fish? They do as well. Betta fish also take naps at times during the daytime. You can tell if they do when they stay at the bottom of their tanks without doing anything.

Sometimes, Betta fish also stay motionless at the top of their tanks. Most Betta fish owners think that their pet has died when they see them in either situation. The next time you see a Betta fish doing nothing at the top or bottom of their tanks, don’t worry, they might be taking a nap or having a siesta time.


In conclusion, Betta fish do sleep and nap. You can tell it when they become motionless at the bottom or top of their tanks for quite some time. Since Betta fish don’t have lids like humans and most animals do, observing their actions helps to determine if they are sleeping or resting.

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