Guppy Swimming Vertically

Anybody would certainly discover it strange to see a fish swimming vertically.

Someday, I awakened to my guppy fish swimming by doing this, so I determined to search the net to identify whether it suggests unfavorable things about their health and wellness.

Why is my fish swimming vertically? This means that your guppy is eating way too much. When your fish is swimming in this manner, it has developed a bladder disease that can lead to fatality.

I will certainly discuss the reason your guppy fish is swimming in this unusual way, in addition to some treatments to prevent it from doing so.

Signs and symptom of Over-eating

A fish that is swimming up and down is most likely over-eating. It is suffering from a bladder illness that can bring about its fatality.

If it lives, you have to stop feeding it for a couple of days to clean its belly. Below are a few other manner ins which can aid your guppy fish to recover:

Clean Excess Food

You may think you are feeding only the right amount of food to your fish, yet the crushed rock in the storage tank conceals excess food.

To make certain that there is no excess food in the container, stir up some crushed rock. If cloudiness develops, it means that there is a lot of food that you don’t desire your guppy to snack on.

Elevate Temperature

One more means to boost your guppy’s healing is by boosting the water temperature inside the suck to 82 levels.

A greater water temperature level can improve your fish’s food digestion.

Stop Feeding

As stated previously, you have to quit giving food to your guppy if it lives after swimming vertically.

It is perfect for fasting them for 3-4 days before feeding them again.

Include Tidy Water

Adding a bit of tidy water to the aquarium will certainly remedy chemical imbalances. But keep in mind not to drain the container and also fill it with clean water entirely.

To check for water chemical inequalities, run some aquarium tests regularly to prevent conditions and also skin damages to your fish.

Bear in mind that while a tidy environment assists fish recover much faster, revealing them to too many quantities of chlorine will eliminate your guppy fish.

Include Aquarium Salt

Fish tank salt aids in minimizing the stress and anxiety of your fish. It is recommended to add 1 teaspoon per 5 gallons of water.


If you see your guppy swimming up and down, quit feeding it immediately. Later, inspect the fish tank for excess food as well as clean it. If you do not want your fish to be quick, you can still feed it but in little quantities.

It is additionally best to assist its recovery by feeding it a laxative like peas and including a percentage of aquarium salt in the water.