Will Crappie Bite Dead Minnows?

It is not a secret that people love to eat freshly caught fish. Some people’s love for fishing keeps them on the water for hours and on to look for a fresh dinner.

It is believed that crappies love minnows, but would they still fall for a minnow if it is dead?

Will crappie bite dead minnows? So crappie would generally eat dead minnows that are still fresh. Dead minnows that lose the smell would be less effective to encourage crappie to bite on them.

Learn the basic facts about crappies and fishing with dead minnows as you read this post. Read till the end for some tips on how to catch crappie with dead minnows.

Facts About Crappie

Crappies have pure, flaky, white flesh. These traits have earned them a reputation among anglers as the finest tasting freshwater fish.

They are also known as the strawberry bass, speckled specks, papermouth,sauce-au-lait, and calico bass.

During the spawning season, crappie and their eggs would be around 1-5 feet deep in the water. These fishes are less active throughout the day; they eat more at dawn and dusk. The ideal spawning temperature is low 60s.

Crappie has a variety of diets. They feed mainly on smaller species of fish, including young predators. Crappie also consumes frogs, crustaceans, and zooplankton.

Dead Minnow Crappie Fishing Tips

There are fishing methods that you can use if any of your minnows have died too soon. Second, though, remember that the minnows will also have a smell that draws the crappies. It is most likely to happen if they have just died.

  1. Do not let the minnows rot. If you find dead minnows in your bucket the night before your outing, freeze them in a sealed bag.

  2. They’re going to linger longer if you hook them through your nose or head. Hook them gently through the lower lip and the nose.

  3. Work them by giving them a sharp but steady tug. It will cause them to sink before pulling up. Adjust where and how you are going to tear them into the water.

  4. Use polarized lenses to see what’s going on.

  5. Don’t be afraid to see the bass fish with them.

  6. Cast next to the system, you’d fish whether you were using an artificial lure or a live minnow.

Crappie Fishing Tips

  • Crappie is active in the winter, which also makes them very popular for ice fishing.

  • The easiest time to hook crappie is during the spring and early summer spawning season.

  • The crappies are near the bank in the spring.

  • Fish in areas around aquatic debris, such as branches and brush piles. Build a crappie bed by tossing in old brushes, logs, and branches. This is going to make it an ideal fishing spot.

  • If you catch a crappie, don’t just move to the next place. It is prevalent to reel a lot of fish if you find a heavily packed crappie bed. Just carry on casting!

  • Look at your state’s rules and figure out where you are allowed to fish. Many states have a time limit for their trout. If the fish you have caught doesn’t measure the smallest, you are expected to let them go.


Next time you find dead minnows, place them on a bag full of ice and store them there until you decide to go fishing. This technique should preserve the dead minnow’s smell and still attract crappies.