Do You Need Waders For A Float Tube?

Float tubing is one way of catching fish. Tubers use this method when their target fish are too far or are hard to reach. Some new tubers would love to do this kind of fishing, but some would not because it means that when you float tubing, your legs are being soaked in the water.

Do you need waders for a float tube? Tubers believe and suggest that when you do float tubing, you need to wear waders. It protects you from having hypothermia, and you can avoid having abrasions.

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As you read on, you’ll learn that wearing waders is essential whenever you go float tubing. Though it’s not mandatory, still it’s best if you wear proper gear when float tubing.

Wearing Wader Is Important

As a first time tuber, what to wear is one question that needs an answer. Some would say that you wear comfortable clothes and some would suggest that you need waders.

We know that it’s confusing at some point, but try to consider things first before you object. Wearing waders is one important piece of clothing that expert tubers wouldn’t want to forget.

It’s because that waders protect them from hypothermia and abrasions. Hypothermia takes place when the temperature of the body falls to 95F or 35 degrees Celsius. It also helps you keep your legs from having abrasions.

Abrasion is a common injury caused by the skin robbed through a rough surface.

Waders also protects you from leeches to target your legs. It also helps them keep dry and warm, especially when the water is cold. And it’ll also help tubers protect from the scorching heat from the sun.

Types Of Waders

Since you know that waders are essential when you float tubing, we listed types of it. It will help you determine what’s the perfect type to wear depending on where you go fishing. And this will also depend on what type of material it’s made.

  1. Rubber – This type of wader material is more complicated. Because if you wear this, you can’t move freely, resulting in you feeling uncomfortable. It’s not breathable, too, meaning your sweat has nowhere to go.
  2. Neoprene – This is one common type of material that suits made from. It has a thickness of 3.5 to 5 millimeters, which makes it comfortable. But, it’ll make you sweat too but at the same time, warm.
  3. Canvas – It has the same characteristics as rubber but with more toughness. This type will also make you feel stiffer but warmer and a little heavier. But it depends on how well you insulated it. They also say that it can last longer than the three materials.
  4. Breathable –  It is considered the most comfortable among other waders type material. They say that it’s also lightweight, making the best option among others. But though this wader type can wick away your sweats, it can’t help you keep warm unless you do their so-called layering up.

I hope that the list above can help you determine and choose what’s best to wear.


In general, waders are not mandatory to wear when you go fishing on a float tube. And it is better to have some precautionary measures than nothing. You have to pick the proper wader type according to its use. But if you can’t and still don’t know what’s best, you can always ask for expert tubers suggestions.