Do Clownfish Eat Seaweed?

Clownfish are mostly known because of the Finding Nemo and Finding Dory animation movie franchise. After the success of that film, many fish owners, love to get their hands on a clownfish. It may be quite confusing, especially for novice owners on how and what to feed them because, as general knowledge, they tend to be codependent with their anemone friend.

Do clownfish eat seaweed? Yes, clownfish love to eat seaweed and nori in particular. It benefits them nutritionally and many experts believed that it should be added in their diet together with regular pellets and flakes.

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In this article, you will find out what do clownfish eat and how much of it should they consume. These will allow you to take care of your pet properly and make sure that they eat enough for their daily needs.

What Does A Clownfish Eat?

Clownfish are one of the rarest aquatic fish there is, meaning, they are among the hardest to find. They are the most popular aquarium pets because they are not picky eaters. They are omnivores, can both consume plant and animal organisms, and that includes seaweeds. One of the popular varieties of seaweed is nori.

Nori is highly nutritious and can give your Clownfish or any aquarium fish, in general, the kind of vitamins and minerals they seek. Just be aware that not all nori is the same. They have different color variations from red to brown color.

How Much Should Clownfish Eat?

Like most fish, overfeeding can lead to some implications, but it always depends on how you feed your clownfish as they don’t manifest the same feeding habits. Some might have a bigger or smaller appetite when it comes to seaweeds than others.

It will always depend on your clownfish will take the seaweed. Some people give seaweed to their clownfish once a day. Some do it every two to three days while some give them once a week, considering the pellet and flakes are regularly provided.

The key to prevent overfeeding is to ensure that you only give them what they can eat. Observe proper timing, mostly half an hour, and that can apply to all group sizes of clownfish. Just bear in mind to remove the excess or leftover seaweed in the tank because it can ruin the quality of the water. It can also block the filtration in your aquarium, leave it unattended, and it can cause ammonia levels to rise drastically.


To conclude, clownfish are ideal fish pet due to their general attributes. They are not a picky eater and can eat whatever you can feed them. It is only a matter of discipline to know how much is too much. With the additional food choices you have now, you are giving them the best nutritional value they can get from seaweeds. Give it some time, they might still be experimenting or just being cautious about it. After a while, they will be able to grasp, and you’ll be surprised that they will crave more.