Do Angelfish Sleep?

Angelfish are interesting creatures with weird sleeping habits. If you have an angelfish pet, then you might be able to see them motionlessly floating across the tank. Many new angelfish breeders are becoming worried because their pets might not be feeling well. However, things might surprise you when you research them well.

Do angelfish sleep? Yes, they do. Angelfish sleep during the night, and their mobility is reduced while sleeping. Some things that they do while sleeping includes staying to the bottom of their tank and their physical stripes will fade away.

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In this article, you may be able to learn some surprising sleeping habits of angelfish and their other capabilities, so you won’t have to worry about them.

The Sleeping Capabilities Of Angelfish

As mentioned above, angelfish have weird sleeping habits, and you have the obligation the understand everything about them.

Angelfish Sleep At Night

Fish get enough rest when they sleep at night, but it’s presumed that they don’t sleep precisely the same amount of hours as other animals or people do. Just like humans, angelfish lose their consciousness when they sleep as they allow their minds to rest for a while.

They Can Stay Motionless

When they are starting to fall asleep, their energy also starts to run low, and they become motionless. If you have noticed, angelfish starts to react that way every night where they are no longer responding to the stimuli, resulting in their slower reaction. When they became motionless, they would fall asleep at the bottom of the tank.

Their Colors Fade

Angelfish usually have bright and vivid colors. When their energies sink, so do their colors. You don’t have to misinterpret that they are losing nutrients. This phenomenon happens naturally.

How To Make Them Sleep Comfortably

You need to understand how they look when they are sleeping. As a starting point, begin with your pet’s tank.

Turn Off the Lights

Just like humans, angelfish prefer to sleep and become disoriented in the dark. If you wish to wake them up, then you can turn on the lights so that they will rise from the tank bottom, and their colors will start to return.

Adjust Their Tanks

Angelfish like it better when they are living comfortably. Make it sure that their tanks are well-adjusted, to make sure they can have a sound rest overnight. With the wrong water and tank condition, their trends will change, and it will motivate them to attack other fishes.


Overall, angelfish do sleep. But no one is sure about it. While some scientists might think that their inactivity is just a sign of their sleeping, others would also argue that they’re not. Either way, you need to know the habits of your pets so you may be able to understand them better.

There are a lot of online forums for fish breeders where you can raise your concerns about your pet fish, and you can expect accurate answers from fellow fish breeders and other professionals.