Do Angelfish Fins Grow Back?

Most fish, especially the ones who are bred in aquariums can regrow their fins and tails, but this is not the work of a magician. As a fish owner, you need to figure out a way to identify the underlying cause of the damage and learn how to prevent it from happening again. You also need to consider some precaution to encourage regrowth.

Do angelfish fins grow back? Yes, it takes about six weeks to regrow. It is considering they are partially intact, and the total damage is not too rigid. To make sure you achieve the full potential regrowth, you have to consider the water and remove possible predators.

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You will learn all about the anatomy of an angelfish and how they recover their fins below. Check it out.

Anatomy Of An Angelfish

Fish fins are something that resembles flesh, but in reality, they are bony spines projecting from the body some layers of skin are protecting and covering them. And sometimes these skins form like a web, and it looks like a flipper.

Angelfish are sideways compressed, looking at them in a certain angle, they resemble like a disk on edge. You can easily identify them with very long ventral fins, not to mention their dorsal and caudal fins.

Ventral And Dorsal Fins

Ventral fins can be found below their body. If you haven’t seen an angelfish, look at any ordinary fish. Regular fishes have pectoral fins that can be found on each side. The ventral fins are used as a steering tool. Angelfish use it to go up and down and can be used as a stopper or sudden sharp turns. Dorsal fins can be found on the back of the angelfish, and it provides defense against rolling, which is significant for fishes.

Science Behind Growing Of Fins

Now that you have an idea about their anatomy, you know that it is vital for them to have fins. With that being said, fins tend to grow back. It usually grows back up to 4 to 6 weeks, but it varies depending on the condition of the angelfish. It is a normal phenomenon that is happening in their gene that they were able to regrow their fins.

On the other hand, the levels of damage when it comes to their fins matters. When there’s a small chunk from the edges, it will heal faster compared to the ones that were ripped off. Also, in some instances that the regrowth will lack in size and quite deformed, it is difficult to determine what causes this phenomenon. All you have to do is to accept their new fins and love them more unconditionally.


To summarize, angelfish are lovely aquarium fishes that are perfect fish pets in every way. They are beautiful, and they can grow their fins back, though you might have to wait for weeks to be able to achieve that. However, you might need to consider the damage if it is too severe or hereditary. Therefore it will remain the same.

Regardless, it is better to practice prevention than cure, so it is advisable to give them ideal water conditions and remove all possible predators in their way. If the fins grow back, great but if not, they are still beautiful in so many ways.