Do Angelfish Eat Snails?

Angelfish are considered to be a group of peaceful fish, but sometimes they can get very aggressive. They come in different stripes and a wide variety of colors. Their angelic characteristic seems to fade as these species of aquatic fishes prey on small fishes and other aquatic species.

Do angelfish eat snails? Angelfish do eat snails, but only the smaller ones. The one mostly found on land can be quite huge to fit in their tiny little mouth. But they can nibble on the tiny ones, and that is simply because they consider themselves to be omnivores.

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If you want to learn about the angelfish diet or what they usually eat, as well as the benefits it can give them, check this out. These information will be beneficial to you, especially if you are considering to include such food source in your angelfish aquarium.

Angelfish And Snails Symbiosis

You might be surprised that angelfish can be aggressive despite their lovely and heavenly name. It may not be all of them, but they will eat anything whatever they find tasty and can fit in their mouth.

You might encounter that some angelfish like to nibble some smaller snails, especially the antenna of the snails, but that is perfectly normal as they tend to eat the smaller ones, not the bigger one.

Snails That Angelfish Eat

Nerite Snails

This particular breed of snail is perfect for your aquarium because they consume algae, unlike other creatures. Plus, they can keep your tank clean and mostly compatible with fresh and saltwater.

Nerite snails can reproduce a lot, so this is a perfect match for your angelfish to keep the balance in your aquarium. They will be able to minimize the issue of overrunning your tank.

Assassin Snails

Another one that is perfect for your angelfish is this assassin snails, they can also reproduce quickly, and with a vast number of snails in your aquarium, this can become a threat. Thankfully, angelfish are there to balance it out. But despite their name, they can also attack and eat their kind, like the small snails present.

Pond Snails

Pond snails are the size of a pea, so this is why it is a perfect meal for your angelfish. They can produce very rapidly and lay eggs all over your tank. Since their size is not a problem, they will get eater by your angelfish in no time.

Benefits Of Having Snails In Angelfish Tanks

Angelfish and snails have a love and hate relationship per se. Regularly, they don’t care for each other. But there will always be a time where a fish has got to eat. Snails help the aquarium to get rid of algae, leftover fish food, and clean your tank. It is very important to have them around because they can help out with the maintenance.

They can also eliminate toxic gasses by aerating your substrate, and they are a good source of food for your Angelfish as well.


Overall, snails and angelfish coexist without issues. They have a well-balanced relationship with each other. It is essential to know that snails can flourish and reproduce rapidly. It is why it is vital to have them well balanced with each other. The more snails you get, the more chances your angelfish will have food in their mouth.