Can You Stand Up In A Fishing Kayak?

When you first think of kayaking, whether it’s for a fishing activity or just beach leisure, the thing that comes to your mind is just plain sitting while paddling along. However, due to the increase in kayak demand, some avid angler will, at times, prefer to be standing than sitting.

Can you stand up in a fishing kayak? Yes, there are stand up kayaks available in the market just for standing up. And there are many reasons for this but bear in mind that there are alternatives in using a kayak to fish while in standing position.

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In this article, you will learn about fishing kayak while standing up and its benefits and advantages. Let’s dive in.

Features Of A Stand Up Kayaks

When looking up for stand up position kayaks, you need to be looking for a kayak with a beam, which is the width. You need to look at least 30 inches, 32 to 35 inches, ideally, because a wider kayak will remove the anxiety that may be created by wobbling to left and right. It is important because your mind is set to concentrate on the actual fishing rather than trying to balance and not fall into the water.

Another thing to consider is the flat hull. The flat hull bottom, together with a wide beam, will increase your chance of perfect balance, and it will increase your full stability in the water. Adding a suitable paddle can add more stability, especially when you’re standing up.

The Benefits Of Stand Up Kayak Fishing

Gives You Better Look At The Water

Standing up can give you a better look at what is going on in the water. You can see it more when your eyes are looking down instead of just across the water while sitting. This way, you can see what is down there and what you should be working on, and it gives you a clear view of your objective. It is recommended for crappie fishing.

Standing up can also be helpful to see if there are any obstacles you need to avoid, or you want to go into to find more fish. Both of these aspects are improved compared to just sitting down and waiting for nothing.

Better Positioning

It is an obvious issue, casting. When you’re standing up, you can do more casting with more confidence. It also improves your accuracy, and it is way easier when you’re sitting down. It gives more power because you are casting using your arms instead of your body.

Another thing is the pitching and flipping. You can guarantee more success using these techniques while you are on your feet. It also includes the ability to control your gear without any obstacle. You can access different parts of the kayak properly, be it the storage or just multi-tasking in general.


To conclude, there are so many advantages and benefits when doing stand up fishing. It may be a little different from a traditional fishing kayak, as it requires a lot of practice and patience. Balancing is a different story, so you still need to do a lot of it too. Once you become familiar with it, you will be able to have excellent fishing experience.