Can You Fish Anywhere On The Beach?

Fishing along the beach might be weird to some people, but many people are fond of it nowadays. This hobby is called surf fishing, where the fisherman only stands on the shoreline and waits for the fish to bite, yet interestingly without using a lure. Surfcasting or surf fishing is only done in saltwater, and the farthest that a fisher can go is knee-deep water.

Can you fish anywhere on the beach? Yes, this is called Surfcasting and Beach Casting. Most of them are just using basic fishing equipment without the use of any lure.

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In this article, you will know the difference between surfcasting and beach castings. You’ll also learn the species that you can fish on the beach.

Types Of Fishing On The Beach

There are two types of fishing on the beach, which are surfcasting and beach casting.


This type of fishing and casting technique can separate the surf caster from the boat fisherman; wherein long rods are being used. Veteran surf casters have a tournament casting sport that held a world record of 286.63 meters by Danny Moeskops.

Another type of surfcasting is called extreme surfcasting, which involves a pole to catch fishes. Skishers have to wear a wetsuit to keep them afloat, especially when they swim a hundred yards from the shore.

Beach casting

Beach casting is a technique, which is more common in Britain. They are using three techniques that include overhead, off-the-ground, and Pendulum casts. Perhaps this one is more difficult to master because it will take more than 250 yards for the fisherman to cast.

Beachcaster has to recall specific points where their equipment, especially the bait, is more useful than others.

Species That You Can Find in Surf Fishing

There is a large variety of fishes that a surf caster can get even though it’s nearby.

Striped Bass

This fish is among the most sought after fish on the west coast of the US because they can swim freely within this area. They are visible in their bright silver color, so they are easier to catch.

The world record of striped bass caught was 78.5 pounds, which is more common in the mid-Atlantic coast. Alongside the striped bass, fishers can also get Spanish Mackerel, tuna, and tarpon.


This fish is quite famous on the coast of North Carolina, where surfcasters most target this. They are using 13-feet rods to cast and bait, such as cut mullet and bunker. Redfish are known to be aggressive, but pretty much loved by the fishermen because they draw challenges to them.


It’s possible to fish along the shore because many fishes are getting attracted to shorelines or near-cave areas. With correct techniques, any surfcaster would find it possible to catch as many as they can.

It would reduce their expenses for boat rental and other expensive fishing equipment. For those people who wish to learn more about how to use this technique efficiently, you can utilize the internet and watch video tutorials.